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1.‘The Alpinist’ Review: Another Gripping Addition to the Extreme Climbing Genre

There is a tone shift midway through “The Alpinist,” subtle and unmistakable. Fellow mountain climbers have been singing the ...

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2.‘The Alpinist’ Documentary Follows the Best Climber You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

Beyond the most die-hard climber, few had ever even heard of the young 20-something Marc-André Leclerc. “If death was not a ...

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3.The Alpinist

And yet, “if death were not a possibility, coming out would be nothing,” opines one talking head, alpinist Reinhold Messner. ...

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4.‘The Alpinist’ is a Stunning Testament to Human Achievement (FILM REVIEW)

It is, at times, a stunning portrait that reveals that there’s quite little madness to their methods, even if we have trouble ...

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5.‘The Alpinist’ Review: Dizzying Heights

The difficulties go beyond filming him at great heights on rock faces covered with ice or snow. While the lanky, curly haired ...

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One of your neighbors posted in Arts & Entertainment. Click through to read what they have to say. (The views expressed in ...

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7.Where to watch The Alpinist: Is the movie streaming or in theaters?

The Alpinist tells the incredible story of rock climber Marc-André Leclerc but where will the documentary film be available ...

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8.‘The Alpinist’ Is the Most Compelling Climbing Film Since ‘Free Solo’

The new movie from Sender Films and Red Bull Media House chronicles the life and death of alpinist Marc-André Leclerc ...

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9.'The Alpinist' follows a climber always hungry for new heights

The film is entertaining and unexpectedly emotional, mixing footage of free solo climber Marc-Andre Leclerc scaling ...

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10.‘The Alpinist’: Film Review

Directors Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen follow the climbing exploits of Marc-André Leclerc in a jaw-dropping documentary sure ...

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11.Mountain-climbing doc The Alpinist is stunning—when the subject lets the directors shoot

In essence, The Alpinist is a movie about someone who doesn’t particularly want to be in a movie—or at least doesn’t care ...

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12.Tag: Brette Harrington

For Brette Harrington, her life joys and experiences with Marc-Andre Leclerc were with mountain climbing and living together in the wilderness. In the documentary The ...

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Wikipedia sayings about the alpinist

1.Ali Sadpara

mountaineer. He was part of the team (which included Italian alpinist Simone Moro) that successfully completed the first winter ascent to the summit of Nanga Parbat Sadpara

2.Cerro Torre

world-class alpinists, put up a confirmed route on the face that Maestri claimed to have climbed. They did not find any evidence of previous climbing on the route Torre