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1.3 Drinks That Show Why A Bar with Shapes for a Name Is a New Bar That Matters

The London bar draws inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, making for a cocktail program much more complex than it seems on ...

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2.Bruno Taut and the Architecture of Activism

Bruno Taut was the leading architectural theorist in Germany during the years 1914–1920. The architectural and social premises which he developed in this seminal period were to be of paramount ...

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3.A Study of Nature’s Elemental Form & Beauty

He was of the firm opinion that contemporary art would evolve in its true direction only through the close study of the ...

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4.Magic, Science and Religion and the Scope of Rationality

In this accessible and illuminating book he deals with the classical opposition between magic, science and religion. He reviews the great debates in classical Judaism, early Greek science, Renaissance ...

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5.Dexamenes Hotel in Peloponnese, Greece by K Studio

Set on a derelict, 1920s industrial site on the western coast of the Peloponnese, Greece, the concrete relics of this former ...

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6.Making Development Happen: A Kaleidoscope Of My Jamaican Childhood

I joined the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) in 1974, to establish and manage the Corporation’s library. The offices were ...

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7.The ultimate Moke-over! It didn't have doors, let alone windows... but 1960s stars loved its style. Now, as a new Mini Moke model rolls up, design guru STE…

The Mini Moke - an antique that never really worked as intended, has been out of production for nearly half a century - is to ...

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8.Made With Quality: Thierry Henry Wears A Premium Take On Puma’s Classic Sportswear

Streetwear classics are reinterpreted and refined for modern day in this classic collection. The timelessness of the MMQ collection is the perfect fit for the legacy of Thierry Henry. The French ...

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9.Marimekko’s New Creative Director Makes Her Debut at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Last year she moved back home to Denmark with her family, and became the creative director of Marimekko, a Finnish brand that ...

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10.Life With Uncle: The Canadian-American Relationship

One of Canada's most senior observers of foreign affairs considers and reflects on the nature of the Canadian-US relationship since the Second World War.

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11.New book demonstrates how everyone can improve their facial appearance with a brilliant smile

Dr. William Clark is an orthodontist with 50 years' experience of treating patients to improve their facial appearance. As an orthodontist, he ...

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Wikipedia sayings about functionalism

1.Biological functionalism

Biological functionalism is an anthropological paradigm, asserting that all social institutions, beliefs, values and practices serve to address pragmatic functionalism

2.Hilary Putnam

of the multiple realizability of the mental, and for the concept of functionalism, an influential theory regarding the mind–body problem. In philosophy Putnam