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1.Banker claims N.Y. law firm choked off assets, derailing SPAC profits

A longtime investment banker is accusing a New York law firm of malpractice after it allegedly froze his company's assets and ...

From : Reuters

2.N.Y. woman accused of hiding roommate’s corpse after fatal overdose

A woman in New York has been accused of hiding the dead body of her roommate in the home while she continued to host parties.

From : Toronto Sun

3.Consumer reports- advance paycheck apps can save you in a pinch, but don’t overuse them

Terry Patterson needed to make a last second trip to see his dad last summer. The only problem was, he didn’t have enough ...

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4.SCOTUS explanation for lifting N.Y.'s eviction pause is wanting

A single sentence in an unsigned U.S. Supreme Court order on Thursday lifted a temporary bar against evicting people during ...

From : Reuters

5.You Can See Way Better Fitness Stats on Your Apple Watch

You’re probably not making the most of your Apple Watch if you aren’t using it for fitness, and while you’re exploring this ...

From : Lifehacker

6.We Asked, You Answered: Your 50 Favorite Sci-Fi And Fantasy Books Of The Past Decade

Earlier in the summer, we asked you to vote for your favorite science fiction and fantasy reads of the past decade — so here ...

From : WBUR

7.Flooding: How you can stay safe

The Twin Tiers continue to see a surge of moisture from the south. First, it was a warm moist air mass moving into the region ...

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8.Mercedes GLS Looks Rather Discreet for a Mansory, Until You Open the Door

Most of Mansory’s projects are best had with blocking eyewear, but every once in a while, they do nail the styling part. Take ...

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9.Trisha Goddard apologises for swearing during race row on Jeremy Vine 'B****y sick of it!'

TRISHA GODDARD apologised for swearing on Jeremy Vine as she discussed a UK academic suing Leeds Beckett University after ...

From : Daily Express

10.If you have these types of medical conditions, doctors advise you get a COVID vaccine booster shot

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now calling on those with moderate or severely compromised immune systems ...

From : WROC-TV

11.N.Y. Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul to ditch anyone 'unethical' as governor

New York Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul said Wednesday she plans to fire anyone deemed "unethical" in the attorney general's report on ...

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Wikipedia sayings about which y/n are you

1.Haplogroup N-M231

Haplogroup N (M231) is a Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup defined by the presence of the single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) marker M231. It is most commonly N-M231

2.Partial application

another function of smaller arity. Given a function f : ( X × Y × Z ) → N {\displaystyle f\colon (X\times Y\times Z)\to N} , we might fix (or 'bind') application