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1.How much of an Edinburgh stereotype are you – take our quiz to find out

With the Edinburgh Festival now in town it's easy to spot the born and bred Edinburgh (ers?) from the newbies and tourists.

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2.Stereotypes In Media

It seems that just about anything is a stereotype from gender, sexuality, race, class, disability, religion and even appearance. From racist cult classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Scarface, to ...

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3.Indiana’s top attorney earns same dubious title cited in latest investigation: ‘Minister of Propaganda’

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, a Munster native, epitomizes the national stereotype of a hayseed Hoosier through his ...

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4.Gamers Can Burn As Many Calories As 1,000 Sit Ups In A Two-Hour Session

A new study has revealed how many calories people can burn during a fairly hectic gaming session. While you might think ...

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5.Ludacris Returns With 'Butter.ATL' & Urges Artists to 'Express Yourself in Whatever Way You Want'

Ludacris chats with Billboard about his new Jif Peanut Butter campaign, reflects on his decades-long legacy and opens up ...

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6.Gossip Girl star criticises stereotype changes to her character

Yin Chang has opened up about how her character in the original Gossip Girl was rewritten to meet cultural stereotypes.Chang ...

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7.Readers reply: how does your brain know that you know something when you can’t remember it?

The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to ...

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8.Craving Biryani? Here Are Some Places In Dubai You Must Check Out

Dev J Haldar traces the history of biryani while recommending some of the finest restaurants that offer the delicious rice ...

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9.‘The Crown’s Josh O’Connor Says Creator Peter Morgan “Doesn’t Go For The Stereotype” – Contenders TV: The Nominees

Peter Morgan’s The Crown showed that the fourth time might yet be a charm for the Netflix series, which tied with Disney+’s ...

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10.Breaking Down STEM Perception Barriers and Tackling a Career in Cybersecurity

Any man can go into computer science and no one is going to look at them and think you really don't belong. But for females, ...

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11.Groundbreaking Indigenous series ‘Reservation Dogs’ has roots in Utah

The new FX on Hulu series “Reservation Dogs” is groundbreaking: a show about Native Americans who live on a reservation in ...

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Wikipedia sayings about which yn stereotype are you

1.Standard Chinese

vocabulary constitute the greatest divergences between the two forms. The stereotypical "southern Chinese" accent does not distinguish between retroflex and Chinese

2.Wenzhou https://www.britannica