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1.Some student loan refi rates start below 2% — here’s exactly how much money a refinance could save you now

Why refinance your student loans? The biggest reason to refinance your student loans, of course, is to save money. Mark ...

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2.It’s becoming ‘increasingly common.’ How to refinance your home, and spend $0 at closing to do it

With some mortgage refi rates below 3%, many people are likely pondering a refi, but wonder: Can you refinance your home ...

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3.You can take get a loan against your mutual fund investment — Here’s how

Yes, it is very much possible to take a loan against your mutual fund investment. Such loans give an investor immediate ...

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4.How weighted average interest rates work for student loan consolidation

Direct Consolidation Loans help borrowers consolidate multiple federal student loans into one new one, usually with the goal of simplifying one’s finances. However, Direct Consolidation Loans don’t ...

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5.Suze Orman says avoid this 'huge mistake' when refinancing your mortgage

If you're thinking of joining the rush to refi, personal finance author and TV personality Suze Orman wants you to pause and ...

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6.Here’s the average student loan debt of borrowers ages 62 and older

The cohort of Americans age 62 and older has the smallest number of student loan borrowers, but those who carry debt have, on ...

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7.Fixed student loan rates fall, variable rates creep back up — but remain relatively low

Five-year variable rates rose this week but they’re still at one of the lowest levels of the past six months. Meanwhile, ...

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8.Today's Mortgage Rates -- August 16, 2021: Rates Up for 2 Popular Loan Options

Average mortgage rates are up for some loans and down for others today. If you are thinking about buying a home, it's a good ...

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9.BNM Announces New Standardised Base Rate: What Does It Mean For Your Loans?

The Standardised Base Rate will replace the Base Rate starting August 1, 2022. This will make comparing your loan lending ...

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10.Personal Loan: Which Bank Will Charge You Low Interest Rate On Rs 5 Lakh Loan

People often take personal loans from banks when they need money. Personal loans are easily available if the credit score is good. Each bank has different rates for loans and should be compared first.

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11.PS5 Games – How Would You Improve PS Plus? – Talking Point

Latest financial technology news, fintech news, fin tech news, open banking news​, banking news, blogs opinion, analysis on ...

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12.3 costs you can't avoid in retirement, no matter how hard you try

You can't avoid spending on healthcare costs, taxes, and unexpected emergencies — but you can prepare for them.

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