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1.'I want to vote for something that can help us' | Voters across California cast their ballots

Californians across the state were heading to the polls Tuesday to cast their vote in the Gubernatorial Recall Election. A ...

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2.What are the requirements to vote in the 2021 California Recall Election and what ID can I use?

Californians are to vote on whether to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom let him keep his job 14 September. Here’s what you will need ...

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3.What Is the California Gubernatorial Recall Election, and Where Can I Vote?

For only the second time in the state’s history, California voters will decide whether a sitting governor will stay in office ...

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4.NTAs 2021: What time are the National Television Awards on TV and can I still vote?

THE National Television Awards are back TONIGHT after an 18-month hiatus to celebrate the stars of the small screen. The big ...

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5.New voting bill would block post-election meddling by state legislatures — if Manchin can get GOP on board

An agreement among Senate Democrats to bolster voting rights would enable the Justice Department to halt state legislatures ...

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6.Wife of North Dakota congressman becomes a US citizen: 'Now I have to earn her vote'

Kjersti Armstrong, a native of Norway and the wife of Rep. Kelly Armstrong, took the Oath of Allegiance with others in Fargo.

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7.Secretary of State’s tiebreaking vote allows candidate to run for Willoughby Hills council-at-large I seat

Lake County Elections Board members were split along party lines at the Aug. 16 certification meeting regarding an issue with ...

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8.Sept. 14: I won’t vote for unvaccinated candidates, vote for our planet’s survival and other letters

Mother Nature is showing us that our little planet cannot sustain the current assault and the closing window to survival ...

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9.Letters to the Editor: Try to be the best you can be; Responds to letter supporting VOTES Act

Try to be the best you can be Now that the 20th anniversary of 9/11 has passed, it’s time for some reflection. How can we try ...

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10.Can you imagine looking at Biden as a voter and thinking "Yea I got this right"

Can you imagine looking at Biden as a voter and thinking "Yea I got this right" - 9 months into the worst administration in history and Biden has made Ji ...

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11.Can Pre-Election Protests Influence Voter Behaviour? The Case of Hong Kong's Anti-ELAB Movement

Scholars of social movements recognize the threat that opposition protests pose to the stability of an authoritarian regime. Extensive research has been done on how mass protests can induce regime cha ...

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12.Can I sue if I was awarded a job voted on by an HOA board, and then they voted down in a different meeting?

The president of a HOA is just one person on a board of directors. Sounds like he spoke out of turn before the board had a chance to review your contract and vote on it but even if the board had voted ...

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