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1.The Statue Wars Are About Who Controls History

A British slave trader’s statue, now toppled, was part of a culture war from the beginning. So where does it belong now?

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2.The power of 10: Inside the ‘unlikely partnership’ that sealed an infrastructure win

The president did his part. But chemistry and trust among the senators was what made $550 billion of bipartisanship happen.

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3.Action on gender equality: The past, present and future are weighted against women

The government has the task of eradicating GBV in SA and restructuring a historically unequal economy that marginalises women and youth, while preparing for a future that may bring further ...

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4.What to Know About Breakthrough Infections and the Delta Variant

Scientific understanding of the coronavirus variant is changing quickly. Here’s a recap of the most important findings.

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5.How does Covid-19 affect the brain? Two neuroscientists explain

ANALYSIS: Experts are becoming concerned with the emergence “long Covid”, where a significant percentage of sufferers ...

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6.The Future of MASS is Drawing Closer

An automated vessel is one where advanced decision support systems onboard the vessel, like the Global Positioning System ...

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7.Does Natural Immunity Protect Against the Delta Variant, or Do I Still Need the Vaccine?

As the Delta variant surges across the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that ...

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8.‘The king is dead’: Albany toasts Cuomo’s collapse — and worries about his ghosts

It won’t be easy to remove Cuomo’s fingerprints from state government, and more than half a dozen investigations into the ...

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9.Gable Steveson undecided on MMA future but admits ‘who wouldn’t want to be the baddest man on the planet?’

Olympic gold medalist Gable Steveson discusses his future with possible options in mixed martial arts, professional wrestling ...

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10.Women encouraged to take control of the future of their finances

A wealth expert says financial independence was not just about how much money you have, but also about having knowledge and the confidence to make your own financial decisions as a woman.

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11.The Biggest U.S. Electrical Grid Braces for Green Energy

PJM Interconnection LLC runs the country’s biggest electricity grid, a vast web of wires spanning parts of 13 states from the ...

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1.Border control

border control policies. The term most commonly refers to the areas of international airports after border exit controls or before border entry controls. These control

2.Perceived control

whether the object of control is in the past or the future and (2) whether the object of control is over outcome, behavior, or process. The cognitive control