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1.How a virtual receptionist can help your business

If you’re struggling to keep up with the demand on your business, here’s a few benefits you could get with help from a.

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2.Meet and Greet: The Application

Following my presentation at this week's Meet and Greet, I decided to write up some of the topics I touched on. The ...

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3.How to embrace flexibility on remote work while keeping in-person inspiration

One PR pro makes the case that there are some activities that can’t be replicated online. Here’s one way to think about ...

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4.How to Stay Laser-Focused and Motivated During Sales Calls

Don’t get us wrong, but I love sales calls as much as you do. Sometimes, it feels like we’re in a perpetual battle with our ...

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5.No More Phone Tag Offering Top Med Answering Services at Affordable Rates

One company that understands this better than most is No More Phone Tag. They offer a medical answering service designed to fulfill the needs of doctors and their patients by providing the best ...

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6.How to make a genuinely inclusive phone camera

Major technology firms are recognising that more needs to be done to acknowledge darker skin tones and unstraightened hair ...

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7.Bride-to-be goes viral on TikTok after sharing lengthy survey she sent to all her bridesmaids: ‘This is genius’

A bride has earned praise on TikTok after detailing how she used Google Forms surveys to better communicate with her bridal ...

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8.How to attract more clients to your salon website

Digital marketing specialist Kate Woods explains 10 ways to make your salon’s website a high-ranking one for your area, ...

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9.A Big Question The FTC Needs To Address About Right-To-Repair Policy

While the FTC policy is still in a formative stage, even though they unanimously approved it, there is at least one ...

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10.How Jalen Green Conquered the Pressure of Teenage Celebrity

The 19-year-old guard with incredible hops will be a high pick in this year's NBA draft, but he's been dealing with the ...

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11.Michael Phelps Reveals What It Would Take for Him to Swim Professionally Again

In a new interview on 'Today,' Phelps discussed what it would take to come out of retirement and make a return to the water ...

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12.Pick up the phone: Calls for St. Clair County health survey begin next week

If St. Clair County residents see an out-of-state or unfamiliar number light up their phone screens in the coming weeks, it could be a data collector calling with questions. And health department ...

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1.News International phone hacking scandal

The News International phone-hacking scandal was a controversy involving the now-defunct News of the World and other British newspapers owned by Rupert International phone hacking scandal

2.Phone sex

economical for providers to work out of their homes. Human dispatchers — female, except for gay male phone sex — answered the advertised phone numbers, processed sex