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1.Can You Train Yourself to Innovate?

As the saying goes, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” After all, if nothing changes, we stay neutral. And, that’s a ...

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2.Tucker: Eric Swalwell has a problem with money

The question is what if you don't have the money or the rhetorical skills to do either one of those things, but you still ...

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3.The 10 best zombie games to bite into right now

The best zombie games may feature a lot of undead enemies with a penchant for brains, but there's a lot more to them. From ...

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4.‘Rick & Morty’ Review: Embarrassment Is the Key to Survival in Surprisingly Sweet ‘Amortycan Grickfitti’

Only the Smiths could get closer as a family by traveling to Hell and befriending a genocidal space car.

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5.Henny Youngman Is Dead, But Comedy Lives On In The Legislature.

TOO BAD ABOUT old Henny Youngman: he's dead, in case you missed it. Happened a week or two ago. Which has nothing to do with riding in the back of a pickup truck, except in one very peripheral sense.

From : Tucson Weekly

6.Some advice on advice to the Raptors, some Olympics and the NBA draft in Ye Olde Mailbag

That aside, this edition of Ye Olde Mailbag is as big as we’ve had in a while, lots of stuff all over the map here, enjoy.

From : The Star

7.Sabres Draft-A-Palooza To-Do List

The Sabres are now entering the most highly anticipated – and most tightly condensed – portion of the offseason schedule that could see them radically alter their franchise in numerous ways by Sunday ...

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Wikipedia sayings about what does right brained mean


his right hand, thus making him effectively ambidextrous. Mike Conley shoots left-handed, but has preferred to shoot floaters right handed, as he does everything

2.Human brain

Wiley & Sons. p. 89. ISBN 978-1-4443-6074-5. McDaniel, M. (2005). "Big-brained people are smarter" (PDF). Intelligence. 33 (4): 337–346. doi:10.1016/j brain