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1.We need alphabets that represents African languages wholly

Since English-speaking people could not pronounce the Gikuyu language properly, several common mistakes were made.

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2.Olds, Now You Can Look Up 'Yeet' in the Dictionary Instead of Asking the Youth updated its online dictionary with more than 300 new words and definitions, covering topics such as covid-19, ...

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3.Language, Race and the Global Jamaican

This book examines the racial and socio-linguistic dynamics of Jamaica, a majority black nation where the dominant ideology ...

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4.10 members of diversity council resign over racial training language in budget bill

The resigned members wrote that the section of the policy bill “aims to censor conversations essential to advancing equity ...

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5.Veteran broadcaster and Dene Zhatie language carrier Peter Hope retires

Nearly 30 years after he began working with CBC North, host Peter Hope is retiring. Hope was the longtime host of Dehcho Dene ...

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6.Joe Manchin Condemns Anti-Fossil Fuel Provisions in Infrastructure Bill

"They want to get rid of [fossil fuel], and thinking that's going to clean up the global climate, it won't clean it up all.

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7.Dems hit McConnell, who says GOP won't back debt limit boost

Senate Democrats are accusing Republicans of a cynical ploy that would damage the government’s credit rating and the economy ...

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8.Pelosi bars two Trump allies from the committee investigating the Jan. 6 riot.

Ms. Pelosi, who had never before rejected a Republican nominee to a committee, called her move to oust Representatives Jim ...

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9.Royal Family news – Fears Lilibet ‘being ignored’ as Meghan ‘demands daughter is baptised in front of Queen at Windsor’

THE Queen has stepped up defences against hackers after learning the Royal Family is a high-risk target. Her Majesty, 95, has ...

From : The Sun

10.UVeye Secures $60 Million in New Investments to Support Further Global Expansion

UVeye, a supplier of high-speed vehicle inspection systems for the auto industry, has obtained $60 million in additional funding to support its global expansion ...

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Wikipedia sayings about language in which w and y are vowels

1.Phonological history of English close front vowels

The close and mid-height front vowels of English (vowels of i and e type) have undergone a variety of changes over time and often vary by dialect. Middle history of English close front vowels

2.Palaeotype alphabet

close front vowels i · ɪ · 𝑖 · y). ⟨ɐ⟩ was used for the English reduced schwa, as the 'a' in 'real' or the 'o' in 'mention', ⟨ə⟩ for the vowel of 'but' alphabet