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1.Ketamine to be used in trial for treating depression

ONE hundred people suffering from severe depression will take part in a major clinical trial to determine if ketamine can ...

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2.Ireland trials use of ketamine to treat depression

Researchers at Trinity College and St. Patrick's Mental Hospital in Dublin are currently trialing ketamine for people who are ...

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3.Ketamine delivers 'astounding' results for depression, but government 'road blocks' make it unaffordable

Allan Kelly has battled severe depression since he was 14, and for the first time in his life has found a "life-saving" ...

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4.Covid-19: Abbie Chatfield mocks anti-vaxxers who take ketamine

The outspoken Bachelor star, 26, revealed on Instagram she knows people her own age who question the safety of TGA-approved ...

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5.Ketamine is psychiatrists' secret weapon against depression. Here’s how it works.

Once a popular club drug, ketamine has now become a force in the fight against depression. Experts explain how the anesthetic ...

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6.Could ketamine be the answer to depression?

Recently featured on former Lakers star Lamar Odom's documentary, some are turning to ketamine in hopes of treating ...

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7.Leeds drug dealer caught with £18,000 worth of cocaine, ketamine and cannabis in his car after police chase crash

A drug dealer had £18,000 worth of cocaine, ketamine and cannabis in his car when he crashed during a police chase in Leeds.

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8.Kids procuring ketamine on Instagram, Snapchat to get ‘cheap high’

Young teens are sneaking the dangerous “easy to get” ketamine drug to school formals and parties to get on a “cheap good high ...

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9.Ketamine Seen As Possible Breakthrough Drug For Treating Range Of Mental Health Issues

While COVID-19 may feel under control, many people are feeling mentally off - chronically exhausted, burned out, anxious, ...

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10.Trinity College Dublin: Researchers investigate the role of ketamine in the treatment of depression

Researchers from Trinity and St Patrick’s Mental Health Services are trialing a new treatment option (ketamine) for people ...

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11.Researchers rejuvenate mouse brains with ketamine or flickering light

Can you remember the smell of flowers in your grandmother's garden or the tune your grandpa always used to whistle? Some ...

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12.Colorado suspends ketamine use on agitated people as new law takes effect

The use of ketamine to sedate agitated people outside of a hospital setting has been suspended statewide with the ...

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1.Death of Elijah McClain

his hands cuffed behind his back, after which paramedics administered ketamine to McClain to sedate him. While on scene McClain went into cardiac arrest of Elijah McClain

2.NMDA receptor antagonist

dissociative anesthesia, marked by catalepsy, amnesia, and analgesia. Ketamine is a favored anesthetic for emergency patients with unknown medical history receptor antagonist