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1.The word for it is ‘propaganda’: Wikipedia co-founder says website has morphed into playground for rich and powerful manipulators

Wikipedia fails to reflect relevant viewpoints on hot-button topics and describes center-left establishment worldviews, its ...

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2.Wikipedia’s War on the Daily Mail

Welcome to Source Notes, a Future Tense column about the internet’s information ecosystem.Sometimes (a lot of times?) the ...

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3.Larry Sangar is right, Wikipedia has become the establishment thought police - just look at my entry on there

For some years now, Wikipedia has had a libellous smear entry on me that cannot be edited to be less of a smear. So, imagine ...

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4.Wikipedia, others follow through with 24-hour SOPA, PIPA protest

Protesting an ongoing debate regarding Intellectual Property (IP) legislation that is currently taking place in the US ...

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5.Wiki Expansion to Gemini:// Almost Done

Gemini:// will be temporarily down some time tomorrow for network upgrades, but in the meantime much progress was made on automatically converting wiki pages to gemini:// (including code to regenerate ...

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6.Wikipedia is at war over the coronavirus lab leak theory

Building a better encyclopedia requires consensus and neutrality, but behind the scenes, editors wrangle with the pandemic's most contentious question.

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7.Neurocracy is future fiction in the form of Wikipedia

Wikipedia doesn’t exist. Without enough donations and too many copyright claims, it has to shut down. In 2049, a new substitute rises: Omnipedia, built in the spirit of its predecessor as a free ...

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8.“Summer of Soul” Again

I saw it theatrically in late June and ...

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9.Man arrested for allegedly altering Wikipedia info on top Chula virologist

A 24-year-old man in Bangkok’s Bang Khun Thian district was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly defaming Chulalongkorn ...

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10.Why the Armored Kuruma is the most versatile car in GTA Online

GTA Online is a competitive world where players can get their characters killed quite easily if they lack the proper defense.

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11.The statues that got to me

This week in Charlottesville, Virginia, three statues were removed from prominent public places. I knew about the first two ...

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12.Expanding Voices from Africa Online

There is more content on Wikipedia about France than about all the states of Africa combined. The WikiAfrica Education ...

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Wikipedia sayings about wikipedia down

1.Wikipedia logo

The logo of the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia is an unfinished globe constructed from jigsaw pieces—some pieces are missing at the top—each inscribed logo

2.Criticism of Wikipedia

application of policies. The reliability of Wikipedia is often questioned. In "Wikipedia: The Dumbing Down of World Knowledge" (2010), journalist Edwin of Wikipedia