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1.Trump Aides Worry About Kellyanne Conway’s Book

Politico: "Privately, former administration officials and top campaign aides have shared concerns about Conway’s upcoming tell-all in particular. The ex-president’s loyal former counselor is expected ...

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2.Team Trump is reportedly worried about Kellyanne Conway's tell-all

Privately, former administration officials and top campaign aides are particularly concerned about the upcoming tell-all from ...

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3.Trump rages over post-presidential books he did interviews for

The avalanche of coming books has caused recriminations. And there is anxiety about what’s to come. He knew it was coming.

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4.Trump fumes at damning anecdotes in deluge of post-presidency books, many of which he voluntarily interviewed for, report says

Several bombshell books and excerpts have revealed shocking new details about Trump's COVID-19 response and efforts to ...

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5.‘I Alone Can Fix It’ book excerpt: The inside story of Trump’s defiance and inaction on Jan. 6

Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year.” Rucker and Leonnig will discuss this book during a Live event on July 20. As the ...

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6.Whatever the spin after the fact, Republicans knew the reality of what was unfolding during the Capitol riot

A cluster of a few dozen people trying to overpower the Capitol Police probably would have failed. A crowd of hundreds or ...

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7.Trump says Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley is the 'last person' I would attempt a coup with following claims in book commander warned of a 'Reichst…

The book quotes an anonymous friend of the general who tells ... A spokesman denied that Trump ever said this. Trump told ...

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8.Inside the 'blood feud' between Jared Kushner and Kellyanne Conway was provided with exclusive details of the Kushner-Conway power struggle from 'Frankly, We Did Win This ...

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9.Trump staffers sought refuge on second floor of White House as former president never climbed stairs

Trump administration staffers sought refuge on the second floor of White House as the former president never climbed stairs, ...

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10.Opinions | Former Trump officials share alarming inside accounts of his final year in office

Call them Woodward rules. For 40 years, legendary Washington Post investigative reporter Bob Woodward has been turning out ...

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11.Inside the Conservative Book Publishing World

In recent years, the conservative imprints at the major New York publishing houses have been put under a microscope.

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1.Katy Tur

Wolf Blitzer, verbally harassed. According to Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, "[Trump] didn't mean it in any malicious way", and he did not want Tur

2.Sean Spicer

spectators. After this statement was widely criticized, Trump aide Kellyanne Conway said that Spicer had presented what she called "alternative facts" Spicer