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1.Joe Biden Saying 'Latinx' Sparks Widespread Mockery, Wave of Jokes

Joe Biden's remark on Thursday noting the difficulties around getting "Latinx" vaccinated has caused a flood of jokes on ...

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2.Biden branded a racist for saying Latinx are scared of getting vaccinated over fear of deportation

President Biden has been branded racist after claiming Latinx Americans are afraid of getting vaccinated out of fear of ...

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3.‘In the Heights’ Uplifted the Latinx Community — But As an Afro-Latina, I Didn’t Feel Seen

Manuel Miranda and Jon M. Chu is another instance of Hollywood whitewashing and it’s more complicated than just a casting ...

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4.From Tuskegee to Latinx: Biden offers theories on minority vaccine rates in racial gaffe-fest

President Biden was called out for a racial two-fer in which he suggested that all Hispanic Americans are illegal immigrants, ...

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5.Biden under fire after suggesting Latinx people aren’t being vaccinated because of deportation fears

Joe Biden is facing criticism for suggesting that Latinx people are not getting vaccinated because of a fear of deportation.

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6.Biden criticized for using woke term 'Latinx' in comments about 'equity' in COVID-19 vaccinations

President Biden came under criticism this week for using the woke term "Latinx" in his comments about COVID-19 vaccination "equity." ...

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7.Biden takes heat for using word ‘Latinx’ in explaining why the population is slow to get vaccinated

During an appearance in Raleigh, North Carolina, President Joe Biden claimed “Latinx” people are less likely to receive the ...

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8.'Racist' Biden Offends Hispanics by Saying 'Latinx' Avoiding Vaccines for Fear of Deportation

US President Joe Biden was branded 'racist' after he claimed that 'Latinx people' were refusing vaccination for the fear of ...

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9.Using woke words like 'Latinx' and mistakenly invoking the Tuskegee Airmen won’t help Biden make inroads with minorities

Everyone expects Joe Biden to be a bit of an old codger, but his recent racial statements bear a familiar insensitivity. They ...

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10.Latinx Technology and Community Center to celebrating 20 years of service in Flint

That’s how Asa Zuccaro, the executive director of the Latinx Technology and Community Center, 2101 Lewis St., in Flint, ...

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11.Latinx Files: More Latinx families are raising their voices against police brutality

Since 2018, 67% of all people shot and killed by the Los Angeles Police Department, a disproportionately high figure given ...

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12.Latinx Files: ‘In the Heights’ and the pitfalls of Latinx representation

It’s easy to say this with the benefit of hindsight, but “In the Heights” was never going to live up to its expectations.

From : Los Angeles Times

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1.The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

in Hollywood, California, but it is set in Pasadena, California. Hipes, Patrick (May 23, 2019). "Netflix Orders Latinx Family Comedy Series From Mario Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia

2.Jeanine Cummins

Awareness Cummins stated: "I'm Latinx." She only publicly identified as Latina during press for American Dirt. Her husband is from Ireland and was an undocumented Cummins