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1.What is a Florida Blue Alert?

So what is a Blue Alert, exactly? A Blue Alert is used when Florida law enforcement agencies want to enlist the public’s help ...

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2.Did you receive a "Blue Alert"?: Here's what it means for Florida

Florida’s Blue Alert system is in place to notify missing suspects in connection with harm to law enforcement officers. The ...

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3.Blue Alert: What does it mean in Florida?

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, a Blue alert is a request for assistance from the public following ...

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4.What is a Blue Alert? Notification sounds off on Florida phones seeking help in finding Daytona Beach gunman

A "Blue Alert" was pushed out to phones across Florida as the search for a suspected gunman in the shooting of a Daytona ...

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5.Get a Blue Alert on your phone today? Here’s what that means.

Amber Alerts let people know about missing children, and Silver Alerts are for missing senior citizens. But you may not have ...

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6.A Florida police officer was shot in the head, and there’s a $100,000 reward for the suspect

A $100,000 reward has been offered and a Blue Alert sent out Thursday concerning Othal Wallace, a 29-year-old who police ...

From : Miami Herald

7.26-year-old Florida officer shot in head, $100K reward for suspect information

A Florida Blue Alert has been issued after officials say a 26-year-old police officer was wounded in a shooting Wednesday ...

From : WFLA

8.Health officials issue blue-green algae toxins alert for Lake Willisara in Orlando

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County has issued a for health alert, warning blue-green algae toxins in Lake ...

From : News 13

9.What is a Blue Alert?

BLUE Alerts are designed to assist in the capture of violent criminals who are at large in society. About two-third of the US ...

From : The Sun

10.Palm Beach County blue-green algae health alerts

Health alerts have been issued for blue-green algal toxins found in Florida waterways. The toxins were found in water samples ...

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11.Why weren't toxic algae health alerts publicized until this month? May was plenty toxic

County residents are accustomed to seeing warnings fecal bacteria at area beaches, but new alerts are going out about toxic ...

From : Palm Beach Post

12.Health alert issued for Lake Okeechobee after blue-green algal toxins found

A health alert has been issued Monday for blue-green algal toxins found in Lake Okeechobee. The toxins were found in a water ...

From : MSN

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1.Civil defense siren

alert signals: Red alert: Attack (Imminent) Yellow alert: Attack (Likely) White alert: All Clear Blue alert: Hi-Low The "yellow alert" and "red alert" defense siren

2.Defensive driving

Controlling your speed. Looking ahead and expecting the unexpected. Being alert and distraction free. Regarding other participants in traffic: Preparedness driving