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1.The Best Time to Buy Bitcoin, Explained in One Chart

What drives Bitcoin’s price? Unlike stocks or bonds, cryptocurrency doesn’t throw off any cash that investors can use to peg ...

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2.The best backpacks you can trust to store your stuff while biking

Before I delve into my list of the best backpacks for various kinds of biking adventures, I should point out that I am a ...

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3.JBS, Colonial Pipeline ransomware attacks are just a fraction of what US is up against, DOJ official warns CEOs

Justice Department Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco warned CEOs of "exponential increase" of ransomware attacks like ...

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4.Inflation is here to stay and may top 4% this year, says professor with a peerless record of predictions

Campbell Harvey of Duke University says "what we're seeing today is a readjustment of longer-term expectations" as higher ...

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5.The 19 Best Earbuds for Every Budget

The best earbuds’ smaller physical dimensions used to translate to pretty compromised sound, at least for consumer ...

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6.Coronavirus live: England R number rises to 1.2-1.4; Germany to lift travel warnings to most countries

Rise in infection rate comes as England confirms 42 Delta variant deaths; Germany to update travel guidance for tourists ...

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7.Last Week, BTS’s ‘Butter’ Almost Outperformed The Rest Of The Top 10 Music Videos In The World

It’s no surprise that the music video that accompanies BTS’s new single “Butter” debuted at No. 1 on YouTube’s weekly chart ...

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8.The best iPhone holders and mounts for your car

Your phone is a must-have in the car, but it doesn't belong in your hand. Here are the best car iPhone holders you can buy ...

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9.The best anamorphic lens for filmmakers: lenses with widescreen cinematic flair

Anyone who has marveled at epic Hollywood blockbusters – shot in glorious ultra-widescreen with that wonderful oval bokeh and ...

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10.The Best Kids' Fitness Trackers of 2021

There is a select market of fitness trackers designed specifically to help kids get active in a fun and exciting way. Check ...

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11.9 best XLR microphones 2021: the pro's choice for superb results in the studio and for live performances

Capture the very best-quality, noise-free performances with these XLR-equipped mics from AKG, Aston, Neumann, Røde, ...

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Wikipedia sayings about top number in a fraction

1.Drill bit sizes

1 14/64 inch, the size is noted as 1 7/32 inch. Below is a chart providing the decimal-fraction equivalents that are most relevant to fractional-inch drill bit sizes

2.Prime number

right-hand fraction approaches 1 as n {\displaystyle n} grows to infinity. This implies that the likelihood that a randomly chosen number less than n number