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1.COVID-19 Triple Variant: New Coronavirus Variant Found In India Can Cause Lung Lesions, Extreme Weight Loss

Looks like coronavirus is here to say! amid a dip in the coronavirus cases in the country, researchers have warned about a ...

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2.New Covid variant and rising cases spark fears over U.K.'s post-lockdown reopening

"We are a country with a vaccine-only strategy, and we’ve imported a variant that is more transmissible and more likely to ...

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3.Health authorities still investigating how Covid-19 Indian variant seeped out of hotel quarantine

Health authorities are still investigating how the infamous Covid-19 Indian variant seeped into the Melbourne community from ...

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4.Coronavirus: Doctors in India claim new Covid variant is giving people gangrene and hearing loss

The B1617.2 'Delta' variant is already believed to be the fastest-spreading strain of the virus since it was discovered in ...

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5.New Covid symptoms linked to Indian variant including GANGRENE and hearing loss

DOCTORS who are treating patients with Covid-19 in India have identified new symptoms including gangrene and hearing loss.

From : The Sun

6.New Covid variant with more severity detected by NIV Pune scientists

Scientists at Pune’s National Institute of Virology have isolated and characterised a coronavirus variant from two travellers ...

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7.New daily COVID-19 cases and deaths rise again as concerns over delta variant and Biden vaccination target for July 4 increase

The number of new daily COVID-19 cases and deaths rose for a second straight day, as concerns over the more easily ...

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8.New COVID-19 variant, Delta variant, pushing more people to be vaccinated

There’s a new variant of COVID-19 that doctors are calling highly contagious. Doctors hope this can be another push to make ...

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9.Fauci warns of new coronavirus variant spreading rapidly in Britain

US top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci has warned of the risks of a new Covid-19 variant, first identified in India, ...

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10.Doctors fear alarming new symptoms linked to Indian COVID-19 variant

Doctors in India fear that the dangerous new COVID-19 variant in the country is linked to troubling new symptoms including ...

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11.Long covid symptoms: Delta variant linked to new emerging diabetes

DELTA coronavirus has been linked to the onset of high blood sugar - a prerequisite of type 2 diabetes. Dr Shailesh Kothalkar ...

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12.Coronavirus digest: Vietnam detects new hybrid variant amid COVID surge

Vietnam has detected a new variant of the coronavirus, which has characteristics of both the Indian and UK variants. Meanwhile, Germany has pledged investments to help Africa get more vaccines. Follow ...

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1.COVID-19 pandemic in the United States

amidst the rise of a more easily transmissible new SARS-CoV-2 variant from the United Kingdom, just as COVID-19 vaccines began to be administered in the pandemic in the United States

2.Timeline of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom (2021)

absences because of the new variant of COVID. A further 53,285 COVID cases are recorded, along with 613 deaths. As a further 57,725 COVID cases are recorded of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom (2021)