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1.Minecraft Copper Ore - Where To Find, Usage, and Recipes

One of the many new blocks now available in Minecraft is the Copper Ore block, make sure you’ve got all the details on this new Ore before you jump in. MORE: How To Update Minecraft To 1.17 Part 1 of ...

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2.How to craft a Lightning Rod and what does it do in Minecraft

Lightning has always been a powerful natural force that results in either disastrous results (everything on fire) or can be ...

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3.Minecraft Lightning Rod: How To Craft, Uses

Wondering how you can craft a Lightning Rod in Minecraft and what are its uses? Well, we’ve got you covered. After a long ...

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4.Minecraft amethyst: how to find amethyst geodes and make a spyglass

Tips for finding amethyst geodes and the ingredients you need to make a spyglass Want to know how to mine amethysts and make ...

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5.How to craft a Spyglass in Minecraft

Have you ever been exploring a biome in Minecraft and wonder what something in the distance was, but you were afraid to go ...

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6.Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Part One Update Available With New Mobs And Blocks, Download Now

Though there is a lot to take in here, this only half of the story as part two of the Caves And Cliffs update has yet to come out.

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7.Minecraft 1.17 release date: When is Minecraft 1.17 update coming out?

MINECRAFT update 1.17 will be a literal game-changer, bringing the first half of the new Caves and Cliffs expansion packs to ...

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8.Minecraft update 1.17 launches axolotls and goats and more next week

The first half of Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update launches next week as version 1.17 with axolotls, glow squid, and goats.

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9.Minecraft 1.17 pre-update: Download now before Caves & Cliffs release date

THE MINECRAFT 1.17 release date is drawing near, and developers Mojang has launched the first pre-patch today.

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10.Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update gets a release date – everything you need to know

When is the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs release date? Well, the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs will actually be coming in two parts and part one will be with us on June 8th 2021. As for pa ...

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11.Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs Part I update gets a release date

The first part of the big Caves & Cliffs update to Minecraft now has a release update. We take a look at some of the new ...

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12.Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update releases next week

The game’s latest update, Caves & Cliffs, looks to improve Minecraft’s various underground networks and mountainous regions.

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1.List of Annoying Orange episodes

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2.Video game industry

impact on the industry, with sales of some of these titles such as Spelunky, Fez, Don't Starve, Castle Crashers, and Minecraft, exceeding millions of dollars game industry