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1.A New Report Found the Carcinogen Benzene In 78 Popular Sunscreens

The lab that tested the sunscreens is asking the FDA to recall the products that were found to be contaminated.

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2.Online pharmacy lab finds benzene in 78 sunscreen products

Valisure LLC, an online pharmacy company that also conducts independent testing of consumer products, has issued a petition ...

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3.Sunscreen With Leukemia-Causing Benzene Is Latest Summer Worry

Four decades ago, the U.S. government used rarely deployed emergency powers to reduce workers’ exposure to benzene, a ...

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4.Dozens of sunscreens have cancer-causing chemical, lab claims

An independent testing lab has detected the chemical benzene, a known human carcinogen, in 78 sunscreen products and is now calling on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recall the ...

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5.Cancer-causing chemical found in 78 sunscreen products

An independent testing lab has detected the chemical benzene, a known human carcinogen, in 78 sunscreen products and is now ...

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6.Watch out for sunscreens that contain a cancer-causing chemical - experts say there's no safe level of exposure

Benzene has been linked to an increased risk of leukemia since 1977. A testing lab is asking the FDA to recall all sunscreens ...

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7.Lab asks FDA to recall 40 batches of sunscreen from Neutrogena, Banana Boat and more

Valisure, a pharmaceutical testing company, has asked the FDA to recall 40 different lots of sun products from 10 different ...

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8.Human carcinogen benzene detected in sunscreens

The industrial chemical benzene has been detected in 78 sunscreen and aftersun products. Valisure, a US-based testing company dedicated to avoiding adverse consumer effects from low quality medicines, ...

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9.Carcinogen found in 78 batches of sunscreen, pharmacy says

A carcinogen was found in 78 batches of sunscreen products tested by online pharmacy Valisure, with some batches containing more than three times the FDA limit, the company said this week. Valisure, a ...

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fluid, paint thinner, and benzene has been linked to adult acute leukemia. The most frequent serious health consequence of having a black henna temporary


in sunscreens until 1996. Psoralens are used in tanning accelerators, because psoralen increases the skin's sensitivity to light. Some patients have had