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1.You're just three ingredients away from the best corn on the cob — and it's not boiled

There's been an age-old debate on the best way to cook corn on the cob – and, at the center, how long to boil it. Get this: ...

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2.Introducing Corn to Your Baby

But the small shape and crisp, crunchy texture of corn kernels can make it trickier to prepare for babies and toddlers. Here’s when it’s okay to put this sweet side on the menu as a finger food, plus ...

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3.I'm talking cooking — again

I wrote about how I’d been getting into cooking more since the pandemic started, and discussed some of my attempts at baking ...

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4.A STARgazing low country boil

Low country boil is a quintessentially southern custom. Just dreaming about such a gathering brings images of sundresses and ...

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5.Tips for hosting a crawfish boil at home

If you’re up for tackling a crawfish boil at home, you’ll need the appropriate gear. Most home cooks use a large outdoor propane cooker, a boiling pot with a lid and perforated boiling basket, and ...

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6.How Do You Blanch + Tips To Remember

In fact, one of the best reasons to learn how to blanch vegetables is to preserve them. Here are three good reasons to blanch ...

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7.Recipes with Julie Van Rosendaal: Lunch and learn

Bookmark to keep up with all of Julie Van Rosendaal's dishes Beyond reading, math, essential cooking ...

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8.TODAY's grill guide: Learn how to grill meats, veggies, fish and more

From baby back ribs to corn on the cob, here’s how to cook everything on a grill like a seasoned barbecue expert.

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9.WV couple brings the heat with their new business

During the first couple months of the coronavirus pandemic, approximately 22 million Americans lost their jobs. Among those U ...

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10.Crab Boil Odyssey: Three new restaurants, same delicious theme

No fewer than three new restaurants focusing on the classic crab boil have opened recently. We had no choice but to try them ...

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11.Crawfest still shines in hybrid format

Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Tulane's annual food and music festival Crawfest was able to be held on campus in a hybrid ...

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12.At the Table: Bonchon’s fusion in Schenectady hits the right notes

Throughout the ages and all over the world, people have to gathered to share food. If they lived near water, they cooked seafood. And if they cooked it in a pot with vegetables and ...

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Wikipedia sayings about how to boil corn on the cob

1.Ghanaian cuisine

as kenkey, red red and waakye. Other savoury foods such as kebab, boiled corn cob, boflot (bo-float) and roasted plantain are sold mainly by street food cuisine

2.Guatemalan cuisine

In Guatemala, this non-sweet corn is called maize and the corn that Americans are used to eating on the cob (sweet corn), Guatemalans call elote. Tamales cuisine