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1.Fungi on Mars? Researchers claim signs of life on red planet

But critics dismiss the findings, saying conditions are too extreme and changes on the surface can be explained.

From : South China Morning Post

2.No, NASA photos are not evidence of fungus growing on Mars, sorry

Imagine if we found fungi on Mars or Venus! It would literally rewrite our ideas about life in the cosmos -- but the articles ...

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3.The fungus on Mars and the prince of panspermia

That theory is "panspermia." It holds that life first arose in space and that planets in the solar system were "seeded" with ...

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4.Mushrooms on Mars? Scientists claim to have found evidence of FUNGI on the Red Planet - or are they just rock formations?

Researchers claim that images from Mars taken by NASA rovers and orbiting spaceships appear to show fungus-like specimens ...

From : Daily Mail

5.Scientists Claim to Spot Fungus Growing on Mars in NASA Rover Photos

"Given the likelihood Earth has been seeding Mars with life and life has been repeatedly transferred between worlds, it would ...

From : Futurism

6.'There is life on Mars' Bizarre study claims alien mushrooms are growing on the Red Planet

A CONTROVERSIAL scientist known to some as the "Space Tiger King" claims to have found evidence of life on Mars. The evidence ...

From : Daily Express

7.Scientists Believe These Photos Show Mushrooms on Mars—and Proof of Life

In their paper, the scientists analyze a variety of images taken by NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity rovers, as well as the ...

From : Popular Mechanics on

8.New study finds evidence that fungus can grow on Mars

Life on Earth can't live on Mars, or at least to our current knowledge, it can't. But what about microbes like black mold fungus?

From : TweakTown

9.Mushrooms on Mars is a hoax — stop believing hack ‘scientists’

There is no evidence that mushrooms or any other form of life exists on Mars. The Mars rover did not take a picture of fungi ...

From : The Next Web

10.Mars Life? Fungi-like Growth

There appears to be are images that researchers claim is life on Mars. Images taken by NASA’s Opportunity and Curiosity ...

From : NextBigFuture

11.Experts Shred Paper Claiming to Identify Mushrooms on Mars

It’s the perfect headline: in a new paper, a group of scientists laid out “evidence” for why they think NASA’s rovers and ...

From : Futurism

12.NASA Photos Prove There Is Life On Mars, Scientists Claim

Photos released by NASA could prove that there’s life on Mars. The photographs show what appears to be fungi on the Red ...


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