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1.Calls to shut down Rotterdam's experimental 'floating farm' after two cows fall into the water

Concerns have been raised about an experimental floating farm in Rotterdam harbour after two cows fell into. The dairy and ...

From : The Daily Telegraph

2.Spotting cows from space

Researchers use satellite imagery to track how cows and elk interact at the interface of wildland and rangeland.

From : University of California

3.How seals adapted to move through water

Have you ever wondered how seals learned to perform their skilled underwater acrobatics? Zoologist David Hocking, formerly of ...

From : Cosmos

4.Rotterdam ‘floating farm’ criticised after cow falls into the water

Concerns about animal welfare have again been raised after two cows on an experimental ‘floating farm’ in Rotterdam’s harbour fell into the water. The local Partij voor de Dieren, which campaigns for ...

From : DutchNews.NL

5.Get Amelia Gray Hamlin’s Exact 3-Piece Swim Look for 60% Off

Amelia Gray Hamlin just sported an adorable matching swimwear look on Instagram from Boohoo, and you can get it on sale right ...

From : Us Weekly

6.Spotting Cows From Space: Using Satellite Imagery to Track Interactions Between Cows and Elk

Students in Doug McCauley’s lab recently spent eight months staring at satellite image upon image of bovine herds. “There ...

From : Lancaster Farming

7.Don’t Ever Short Human Ingenuity: Part 1

In agriculture and agtech ecosystems, nearly everyone has heard the prediction that the global population would reach 9 ...

From : Forbes

8.12 flattering, vibrant swim shorts you definitely need in your life this summer – including Fendi

From Fendi swim shorts to sporty Nike numbers, and turtle to flamingo prints, there are plenty of colourful and vibrant swim ...

From : PinkNews

9.Russian women in Covid lockdown strip off in their own ‘Bali in the Urals’ – a toxic quarry near a nuclear wasteland

RUSSIAN women in Covid lockdown are stripping off in their very own ‘Bali in the Urals’ – a toxic quarry near a nuclear ...

From : The Sun

10.Shepparton breaks fundraising records for Anzac Appeal

After last year's COVID-19 lockdowns cancelled the Anzac Appeal, Shepparton has bounced back better than ever, breaking ...

From : Shepparton News

11.The 6 Biggest Swimwear Trends Of Summer 2021

For all of your balcony sunbathing needs.This story originally appeared on ELLE UK It’s hard to shop for 2021 swimwear trends ...

From : MSN

12.Better access to servicing and repairs needed in agricultural machinery markets

Purchasers of agricultural machinery would benefit from more independent competition in servicing and repair markets, the ...

From : Shepparton News

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1.Aquatic locomotion

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2.List of Latin words with English derivatives

supranational, transnational, transnationality natō nat- natav- natat- float, swim natatorium necō nec- necāv- necāt- kill enecate, internecine nectō nect- of Latin words with English derivatives