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1.This handheld touchscreen all-in-one PC is entirely Raspberry Pi-powered

Chipsee’s All-in-One Pi is a handy touchscreen portable PC based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 (CM 4), and is pitched ...

From : TechRadar

2.How does Apple's new M1 iMac compare to Windows All-in-One PCs?

The new M1-based iMac represents a significant upgrade for Apple’s popular All-in-One computer. But PC makers sell All-in-Ones too, though, and some of them are good machines. Can any of them measure ...

From : PC World

3.Asus launches stylish all-in-one desktop PC with 93% screen-to-body ratio

With many folks still working from home due to the global pandemic, there's increased demand for capable computing solutions.

From : New Atlas

4.How the 2021 iMac compares to similar all-in-one PCs

Here's a deep dive on why the new iMac could be a great work-from-home desktop, as well as some compelling alternatives worth ...

From : MSN

5.Best gaming PC for 2021

On the hunt for the best gaming PC? This guide to some of the best gaming desktops we've seen within the past year or so will ...

From : CNET

6.Don’t Buy a Desktop PC With One of Intel’s Newest Processors—Here’s Why

A new generation of Intel chips is coming soon, but they’re not necessarily better than last year’s, and they may not be ...

From : New York Times

7.With new iMacs launching today, here’s the evolution of Apple’s all-in-one desktop computer

We take a look at the innovation that came with each new iMac, all the major features that each model brought, starting from ...

From : The Indian Express

8.Asus brings out a new All in One computer with touchscreen - Zen AiO 24 (M5401)

Canadian Android Enthusiasts Group blogging about the lifestyle of using android with tips, tricks and reviews.

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9.iMac Haters Are Missing The Point, Why Apple’s Newest All-In-One Will Be A Success

"It's ugly and has a chin." As long as Apple has made all-in-one iMac computers, critics have leveled withering criticism of ...

From : Forbes

10.HP offers a free printer for buying one of their own PCs

Need space? The HP All-in-One computer offers the same features of a traditional desktop, but with a smaller profile. Set it ...

From : Manila Bulletin

11.Get a free HP Neverstop 1000a toner tank printer for every purchase of HP desktop PCs

Working and learning from home may be the norm for at least the immediate future. Given the circumstances, you might want to ...

From : Philippine Daily Inquirer

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1.Computer One

network of computers known as "Computer One" will come to see humanity as a threat and move to eliminate it. The novel describes a near utopia in which almost One

2.Digital electronic computer

non-electronic computer, while analog computers are examples of non-digital computers which can be electronic (with analog electronics), and mechanical computers are electronic computer