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1.Apple’s new podcast subscription model is the company trying to take back what it once created

You know what the wiki definition of a ‘podcast’ is? It is a portmanteau of the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’ and was first ...

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2.Note from the Ombudsman: Essay versus op-ed. What’s in a name?

That op-ed has taken on a new definition and connotation so that by now people know it as “opinions and editorials.” It is ...

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3.Chapter 26: The Crown Descends

The 26th and final chapter of the novel and the last installment of… Part the Fifth—The Unified Field: In which the team of ...

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4.Capturing Biases In the Age Of AI - The Interview With The Founder Of Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

Since its birth in 2001 Wikipedia became an integral part of peoples’ lives with pretty much every Google query drawing from this massive volunteer-built and run online encyclopedia.

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5.Letter: Confusing definitions

Trouble is, he never presented their respective definitions to help us figure out if he was right or not. So, let’s see what they are: “Anti-Semitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be ...

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6.Meet Korea's 'trauma cleaners' in new K-drama 'Move to Heaven'

"'Move to Heaven' is an inspiring story based on a nonfiction essay 'Things Left Behind' written by Kim Sae-byul who is also ...

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7.Where Big Data and Knowledge Management Intersect in 2021

The big data world has gone through almost as many changes in the intervening years. The pace of change in the KM world is ...

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8.Legitimate Research Source Analysis

Wikipedia should not qualify as a legitimate research source due to its lack of reputable editing and poor policies. But what criteria qualifies a source as a ‘legitimate’? The definition of ...

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9.Understanding AI And Machine Learning Concepts To Build Your AI Leadership Brain Trust.

This blog is the latest in the AI Leadership Brain Trust series which defines 50 key competencies required to build a ...

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10.Hackerspace Definition & Meaning

A hackerspace, also known as a hacklab, incubator, or hackspace, is a flexible workspace designed for people who share common ...

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11.In the thinking of these philosophers all other substances had been intended to generally be mixtures on the 4 elements

Thus, Greek thought encompassed the concept all issue may just be recognized in relation to elemental attributes; within this ...

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12.Superheroes walk among us

By Felicia Farnsworth ...

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2.High-definition television

High-definition television (HD) describes a television system providing an image resolution of substantially higher resolution than the previous generation television