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1.LOOKING BACK: The day slavecatchers came to Eddytown

Today, the hamlet of Lakemont sits quietly along the Lakemont-Himrod Road in the southeast portion of Yates County. Part of ...

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2.Civil War: The Economic and Slavery Tensions Preceding It

Economic and slavery issues preceded the Civil War, in the same way financial debt is often connected to an underlying moral debt. Billy Graham once counseled: “the deeper issue for you isn’t economic ...

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3.DC Celebrates Emancipation Day: What to Know

Emancipation Day honors the day slavery ended in Washington, D.C. after President Lincoln signed the DC Compensated ...

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4.The Odyssey of John Anderson

In 1860 the American government made a formal request for the extradition of a fugitive slave, John Anderson of Brantford, Canada West. At first glance the ...

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5."The Reconstruction Amendments: Essential Documents," Vol. 1: The Antebellum Constitution and The Thirteenth Amendment

The first of two volumes on constitutional reconstruction presents the antebellum struggle to determine whether the Constitution was a pro-slavery or anti-slavery document, the passage of two ...

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6.University panel dissects Derek Chauvin verdict and its implications

Monday afternoon, a panel organized by the Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights reflected on the recent verdict in the ...

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7.Saints in Politics: The 'Clapham Sect' and the Growth of Freedom

This book gives a picture of an important religious reform group in action during the period of the French Revolution, Napoleon, and the Industrial Revolution.

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8.Sophia Burthen Pooley’s legacy preserved in compilation of oral histories

Author’s 1855 tour — during which he wrote ‘in haste to make the pen become a tongue’ — included stop in Wellesley Township ...

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9.Journey to Freedom: Research project addresses slavery in Nebraska

Journey to Freedom from Nebraska Territory” – Blankenau shines a light on this dark part of early Nebraska history by addressing slavery through the eyes of Celia and Eliza, two young Black women who ...

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10.Home of Harriet Tubman FOUND in Maryland where the Underground Railroad conductor lived in the 1800s

The location of the log cabin where Harriet Tubman spent her younger years is found in Church Creek, Maryland. Tubman is ...

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11.From the files of Bob Malkas: The 1619 Project

Project wants to replace the real facts with revisionist history, and they are being allowed to do that. The 1619 Project began ...

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12.The 10 greatest Oscar 'Best Picture' winners ever

Remember how Ang lees Brokeback Mountain, which was undeniably one of the greatest pieces of art of the year, was denied the ...

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Wikipedia sayings about how did abolitionists react to the fugitive slave act?

1.The Passing of Grandison

steadily to the North Star". In slave narratives, the fugitives follow the North Star in pursuit of freedom and are welcomed by abolitionists when they Passing of Grandison

2.History of slavery in West Virginia

Charlestown. The Fugitive Slave Act returned a number of slaves to western Virginia. Just before the Civil War a slave belonging to the Jackson family of slavery in West Virginia