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1.The price of Dogecoin, created to poke fun at cryptocurrency, is above 10 cents

The price of Dogecoin (pronounced "doh-j") is up to 13 cents as of Wednesday morning, according to the cryptocurrency news ...

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2.Why Dogecoin, the Joke Crypto, Is Forcing People to Take It Seriously

Despite the fact its founders designed it to be devoid of value, the meme bitcoin-copycat has now reached Wall Street–like ...

From : New York Magazine

3.What is Dogecoin? How a joke became hotter than bitcoin

Dogecoin is the hottest, quirkiest cryptocurrency on the planet. Demand for Dogecoin spiked so much this week, it briefly ...

From : CTV News

4.Should You (or Anyone) Buy Dogecoin?

With a market cap of $7 billion, the cryptocurrency that began as a joke now has quite a following. But if you're considering ...

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5.Not a joke anymore: Dogecoin surges above 30 cents

The price of Dogecoin jumped above 30 cents as of Friday, according to the digital currency exchange Coinbase. That's more ...

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6.Who’s laughing now? Dogecoin’s epic surge creating overnight millionaires

Helped along by Coinbase’s IPO on Wednesday and an already potent market for cryptocurrencies, dogecoin has come to occupy ...

From : Daily Herald

7.Dogecoin frenzy overloads Robinhood crypto order system

Dogecoin, boosted by the likes of Elon Musk and Mark Cuban, rallied more than 110% Friday before dropping by 26% on Saturday, ...

From : Hindustan Times

8.Dogecoin price soars to record high amid latest crypto frenzy

Dogecoin has the internet howling yet again. The cult coin nearly doubled its value in less than a day amid a new wave of ...

From : New York Post

9.Dogecoin price prediction for 2025: How high will DOGE rise? Is DOGE going to Moon?

DOGECOIN has surged in recent days, with fans of the cryptocurrency hoping it will continue to rise. So how high will Doge ...

From : Daily Express

10.Everything Elon Musk Has Said About Dogecoin

The cryptocurrency Dogecoin hit a record high of $0.298 Friday morning amid Tesla CEO Elon Musk's boosting of the virtual ...

From : MSN

11.Crypto glow: Coinbase stock listing takes dogecoin, binance coin, others along for the rally

The cryptocurrency economy, including the bitcoin, is hitting record highs this week as COIN makes its Nasdaq debut.

From : Fast Company

12.What Did the Stock Market Do Today? 3 Big Stories to Catch Up On.

So what did the stock market do today? Dogecoin prices and other cryptocurrencies stole the show, and CRISPR stocks sold off.

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