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1.Project Trident Call for Articles: The Law of Naval Warfare

The U.S. Naval War College’s Stockton Center for International Law (SCIL) is partnering with CIMSEC to launch ... Most ...

From : Center for International Maritime Security

2.New manual offers a template for a reimagined Marine Corps

Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger has set a goal to transform the Corps from a heavy land army into an agile naval ...

From : Washington Times

3.Renewed Biden Administration Commitment To the International Trade War Underscores Importance of Customs Compliance for Automotive Companies

Customs Compliance Will Continue to be Essential Under the New Administration Under the Trump administration, customs matters came to the forefront of compliance attention for many automotive co ...

From : The National Law Review

4.Ian Easton On Taiwan: Are Taiwan’s nuclear plants safe from Beijing?

It then methodically analyzes various locations of interest to People’s Liberation Army (PLA) war planners. The coursebook ...

From : The Taipei Times

5.Can Religion Give You PTSD?

For clinicians, it is still relatively new to see religion itself as a source of trauma in people’s lives, according to Laura ...

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6.The Philippines’ drug war is putting more pregnant women behind bars. What happens to their children?

The number of drug-related charges filed against women has soared, leading to overcrowded jails and hundreds of pregnant ...

From : Washington Post on

7.Ministry of Education neglects comprehensive sexuality education

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is not teaching school going children how to have sex, according to the United ...


8.Why the U.S. Shouldn’t Play Games With Cyberwarfare as Its Power Declines

It becomes an act of war only if it leads to physical damage to critical ... what a cyberweapon is and where its use would ...

From : Sri Lanka Guardian

9.History: Old American Legion Hall was built as a pump factory

Adams Street in Wil­ming­ton would hardly be considered an industrial area. In the era before the Civil war, the Adams Pump ...

From : Stoneham Independent

10.Don Jr mocks Jimmy Kimmel & Hunter Biden interview asking ‘how much Parmesan cheese did they smoke’ in drug punch

DONALD Trump Jr. has mocked Hunter Biden after his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night asking “how much Parmesan ...

From : The Sun

11.High court's decision only one facet of Georgia's water wars

The U.S. Supreme Court put an end to one skirmish in Georgia’s water war this week. The high court ruled that Florida failed ...

From : Rome News-Tribune

12.Minnesota Police Ready for Pipeline Resistance as Enbridge Seeks to Drill Under Rivers

Law enforcement agencies ... The exercise was titled “Operation River Crossing.” In a manual for exercise participants, ...

From : The Intercept

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1.Code of the United States Fighting Force

2019) THE COMMANDER'S HANDBOOK ON THE LAW OF LAND WARFARE 208 page handbook. The Department of Defense Law of War Manual (June 2015, updated December 2016) of the United States Fighting Force

2.Stockton Center for International Law

law and military operations. Predominantly, the Stockton Center has been involved in the review of various military manuals under international law, Center for International Law