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1.Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino Wants to Help ‘California Sober’ Demi Lovato

Jersey Shore' star Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino is five years sober and ready to help Demi Lovato, who is currently ...

From : The Cheat Sheet

2.What does Demi Lovato mean by ‘California sober’?

Dancing With the Stars' pro Cheryl Burke disagrees wholeheartedly with singer/songwriter Demi Lovato's 'California sober' ...

From : The Cheat Sheet

3.Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino urges those in recovery not to follow ‘California sober’ lifestyle

Sign up for our newsletter! He wrote, “If you’re in recovery and reading this California Sober will kill you.” 📺 We love ...

From : Monsters and Critics

4.'Dancing With the Devil' Docuseries: Demi Lovato Explains Why She’s "California Sober"

In the docuseries’ fourth and final episode, Christina Aguilera, Elton John and Will Ferrell join while the singer looks back ...

From : The Hollywood Reporter

5.Demi Lovato is 'California sober': What it means and why it's controversial

Demi Lovato is “California sober,” but what does that mean? The singer, who has struggled with drugs and alcohol, has been ...

From : YAHOO!News

6.Cali Sober Is Priceless, And The Next Billion Dollar Industry

As the country moves away from booze and cigarettes and into weed and mushrooms, more wealth can be created for a broader class of people than ever before.

From : Forbes

7.What is 'California sober'? Demi Lovato's recovery prompts curiosity, criticism

Demi Lovato is “California sober,” but what does that mean? The singer, who has struggled with drugs and alcohol, has been ...

From : Today on

8.There's nothing wrong with being "California sober" — Demi Lovato's haters be darned

Demi Lovato is no longer hiding her truth. Last month the singer and actress, who has struggled with addiction for years, ...

From : Salon

9.Demi Lovato: What does ‘California sober’ mean?

I think the term I best identify with is ‘California sober,’” she added. But what does “California sober” actually mean? Here ...

From : The Independent on

10.Demi Lovato Calls Herself 'California Sober' -- Here's What That Means

The singer recently revealed that she's been 'smoking weed and drinking in moderation' following her 2018 overdose.

From : MSN

11.Demi Lovato says she’s ‘California sober’ — but what does that mean?

In the wake of her near-fatal heroin and fentanyl overdose in 2018, Demi Lovato has described her moderate drinking and cannabis use during addiction recovery as being “California sober.” ...

From : New York Post

12.Support Volunteer - Sober Active Community - Los Angeles

The Phoenix is looking for support volunteers to support our community-based fitness events for our sober-active community once a week. If you have direct experience in recovery (ideal but not ...

From : VolunteerMatch

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1.What Darwin Got Wrong

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2.Occam's razor

ISBN 978-84-309-0711-3. Sober, Elliott (1975). Simplicity. Oxford: Clarendon Press. ISBN 978-0-19-824407-3. Sober, Elliott (2004). "What is the Problem of Simplicity's razor