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1.The effect of language on performance: do gendered languages fail women in maths?

Research suggests that gendered languages are associated with gender inequality. However, as languages are embedded in ...

From : Nature

2.Help for Kids Falling Behind in Math—From AI-Powered Apps, Games and Even YouTube

There is hope for parents during remote and hybrid learning in the form of problem solvers and virtual tutors.

From : Wall Street Journal

3.On math, COVID-19, and hope

and paying attention in math class, gives us two important edges during these times. First, it teaches us how to be numerically literate. And second, it teaches us how to be problem solvers. What does ...

From : Philippine Daily Inquirer

4.Should Mathematics Be Made A Compulsory Subject In Humanities?

BY HENRY TYOHEMBA Despite the fact that Nigeria’s education system recognises Mathematics as a compulsory subject from primary school to the start of ...

From : LEADERSHIP Newspaper

5.Sabine High School again wins state math-science contest

In addition to her team doing well, Roper won first place in calculator and math. She also got third place top gun, meaning her combined scores were the third-highest of the competition. Aside from ...

From : Longview News-Journal

6.Ananich, Rogers lead effort to increase high school math options

Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich (D-Flint) and state Representative Julie M. Rogers (D-Kalamazoo) announced ...

From : WTVB AM

7.Bill aims to offer other math-based options instead of Algebra II for Michigan high schoolers

Flint, and state Rep. Julie M. Rogers, D–Kalamazoo, are sponsoring bills aimed to allow high schoolers earn their diploma ...

From : The Center Square

8.Find Meaning in Passover’s Final Days

The idea of mythic re-enactment of an ancient tale is fully consonant with what we learn at the Passover seder: hayav adam lirot et atzmo k’ilu who yatzah mi-Mitzraim — “it is incumbent upon each ...

From : The Jewish Exponent

9.QB Bridgewater Trade To Washington? Does The Math Add Up?

Matt Miller of & also an ESPN contributor offered this. If we're talking about Bridgewater as a free agent ...

From : Sports Illustrated

10.Flipping between in-person, virtual learning hard on students, says teacher

School started six months ago, and throughout last year adults have had to adapt to so many changes, but what about our most ...

From : City News

11.RUMOR: QB Bridgewater Trade To Washington? Does The Math Add Up?

Could Teddy Bridgewater reunite with his first position coach in the NFL? Maybe, but the math just doesn't add up.

From : Sports Illustrated

12.Tulare Joint Union is a national finalist in Samsung’s STEM contest and they need your vote

Tulare Joint Union High School is campaigning for votes in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. The Samsung Solve for ...

From : KSEE

Wikipedia sayings about what is the mean in math


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2.Element (mathematics)

Brilliant Math & Science Wiki". Retrieved 2020-08-10. Halmos, Paul R. (1974) [1960], Naive Set Theory, Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics (mathematics)