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1.Siren To Ring Twice To Make People Wear Mask In Madhya Pradesh On Tuesday

A siren will be sounded in all cities of Madhya Pradesh at 11 am on March 23 for two minutes when people will take a vow to ...

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2.Photo Essay: To wear or not to wear?

We asked four UBC students, past and present, about their clothing choices and how those choices have informed and been ...

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3.Is It Bad to Wear a Sports Bra All Day, Every Day? We Asked Experts

And above all else, we've fully embraced the sports bra. At first glance, wearing a sports bra all day, every day seems like ...

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4.Size does matter: Body-positive influencer calls out Kim Kardashian on Skims shape-wear sizing issue

Body-positive influencer’s TikTok video goes viral when she shows just how bad the sizing and fit of Kim Kardashian West’s ...

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5.39 Wildly Popular Things Under $35 On Amazon

"Moderation in all things" is a saying that dates back to a Greek poet from 700 BC, so you know it's stood the test of time. However, some Amazon buyers definitely didn't get the message, because ...

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6.French Girls Laugh Every Time Americans Wear These 3 Things

Find out what it is about American style that makes French girls laugh, and shop the items they would wear instead.

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7.Holly Carpenter opens up about her father’s private battle with cancer

Holly Carpenter has opened up about her father’s private battle with cancer. The Former Miss Ireland’s dad Karl was diagnosed ...

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8.Terrible things tourists have done at Disney parks

From a horrible YouTube stunt gone wrong to a person who dumped ashes on a ride, here are stories of tourists behaving badly ...

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9.Don't take things for granted: Anupam on following Covid-19 guidelines

Actor Anupam Kher took to Twitter to speak about the importance of following the coronavirus guidelines and said, "I request ...

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10.Ask Doug & Polly: How can employers tell if they are interviewing a know-it-all?

QUESTION: I had to terminate an employee after only six months. He was great during the interview. He had all the right ...

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11.Anupam Kher encourages people to abide by Covid 19 guidelines in a video: Don't take things for granted

Actor Anupam Kher took to Twitter on Saturday to share a video on the importance of wearing mask and following social ...

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12.Vicky Kaushal's new PIC says it all as COVID 19 cases spike; Anupam Kher says 'don't take things for granted'

It has been a worrisome atmosphere over the past few days as the COVID 19 cases in the nation are on a rise again. On Friday, ...

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Wikipedia sayings about all things worn


A hat is a head covering which is worn for various reasons, including protection against weather conditions, ceremonial reasons such as university graduation

2.Geta (footwear)

expensive and highly-decorated padded kimono. This style of geta was likely worn as a point of visual distinction between oiran, geisha and their apprentice (footwear)