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1.Trifox Leaps Into Action On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Big Sugar and Glowfish Interactive have confirmed a release date for their “colourful and cartoonish” action-adventure ...

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2.Mighty Goose: Limited Run Games ermöglicht physischen Release des 2D-Run-and-Guns

Im Juni letztes Jahr erschien Mighty Goose erstmalig auf der Nintendo Switch. Damals noch konntet ihr das zweidimensionale ...

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Wikipedia sayings about what is a switch on a gun

1.Gal Gun: Double Peace

Gal Gun: Double Peace (ぎゃる☆がん だぶるぴーす, Gyaru Gan Daburu Pīsu) is a rail shooter bishōjo video game developed by Inti Creates. The game was released on PlayStation Gun: Double Peace

2.Heat gun

hand. Heat guns usually have the form of an elongated body pointing at what is to be heated, with a handle fixed to it at right angles and a pistol grip gun