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1.How Jamie went ‘from Snapchat hello to rape in five days’

A mother is demanding changes to Victoria’s consent laws after her 17-year-old daughter was allegedly raped several times by ...

From : The Age

2.What is the Snapchat photo of Aiden Fucci?

AIDEN Fucci, the 14-year-old accused of murder is being held at a juvenile detention center for 21 days. The teenager was ...

From : The Sun

3.QAnon channels delete their own YouTube videos to evade punishment

YouTube has banned almost 40 channels that use the tactic. Disinformation experts say they haven't seen the ploy used before.

From : MSN

4.Zach Wilson’s Mom Makes Instagram Private, Limits Comments After Disney World & Snapchat Rant (PIC)

Read “Zach Wilson’s Mom Makes Instagram Private, Limits Comments After Disney World & Snapchat Rant (PIC) ” and other NFL ...

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5.A teen who was bullied on Snapchat died. His mom is suing to hold social media liable

A lawsuit filed against the maker of Snapchat and two apps, YOLO and LMK, that use its platform, alleges the apps present an ...

From : Los Angeles Times

6.Back to square one? Trump decision still weighs on Facebook

Facebook's quasi-independent oversight board last week said the company was justified in suspending Trump because of his role ...

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7.US vows to stand by ally Australia against China

The Biden administration is vowing to stand by Australia in its worsening trade and other disputes with China.

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8.Tristyn Bailey case: Petitions urging State Attorney’s Office to charge teen’s accused killer as an adult

Petitions on have gathered more than 200,000 signatures, urging the State Attorney’s Office to charge Aiden Fucci, ...

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9.Submission Guidelines for SELF’s 2021 Sneaker Awards

That’s where SELF’s Sneaker Awards come in. We cut through the noise to find the very best sneakers for your particular needs ...

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10.NBC spotlights MediaWise’s efforts to arm the public against misinformation

The network is hosting a week of programming about the societal impact of social media and ways to help people fight online falsehoods ...

From : Poynter

11.Spotify adds new 'Timestamp' feature to ease sharing of specific part of podcast

Audio streaming platform Spotify introduced a new feature of podcast timestamp sharing that will let a user podcast episode beginning at any particular moment that one wants his/her friends to listen ...

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Wikipedia sayings about how to delete snapchat

1.Bois Locker Room

revealed by the police that Siddharth was connected to a different chat group on Snapchat and had nothing to do with the one on Instagram. Police also revealed Locker Room


enhanced with Snapchat, as the person receiving snapchats will not be aware of the contents until they open it, and messages are automatically deleted after some