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1.What does annex mean in war? The meaning of annexation and Putin’s plans for Russia in Ukraine explained

The Kremlin previously annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea, a peninsula bordering Russia, after invading in early 2014 ...

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2.As Putin gears up for 'big announcement', what does 15% 'annexation' mean for Russia and Ukraine | Explained

By annexing the Ukrainian territories, Russia could name any efforts to retake them as direct attacks on its territory ...

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3.What Putin’s Speech Means – Il Post

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a tough speech on Friday to announce the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions of ...

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4.How Russia’s latest annexation attempt affects the war in Ukraine

The claimed referenda vote lacks legitimacy, occurring under coercive conditions, with many residents displaced.

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5.Putin’s speech on annexation: What exactly did he say?

President Vladimir Putin announced that four occupied regions of Ukraine would formally be incorporated into Russia.

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6.Message of President Charles Michel on Russia's illegal annexation of Ukrainian regions

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7.What does Putin’s escalation mean for war in Ukraine?

Following Ukrainian victories earlier this month, Putin called for a surge of Russian troops to the front lines and hinted at ...

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1.American Civil War

The American Civil War (April 12, 1861 – May 26, 1865; also known by other names) was a civil war in the United States. It was fought between the United Civil War

2.Gulf War

known as the "Republic of Kuwait" before proceeding with an outright annexation in which Kuwaiti sovereign territory was split, with the "Saddamiyat al-Mitla' War