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1.What does annex mean in war? The meaning of annexation and Putin’s plans for Russia in Ukraine explained

The Kremlin previously annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea, a peninsula bordering Russia, after invading in early 2014 ...

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2.As Putin gears up for 'big announcement', what does 15% 'annexation' mean for Russia and Ukraine | Explained

By annexing the Ukrainian territories, Russia could name any efforts to retake them as direct attacks on its territory ...

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3.Russia-Ukraine war | Making sense of Vladimir Putin's nuclear threat

With Russia's annexation of Zaporizhzhia and Putin's nuclear threats, all eyes are set on the Russian President's next move.

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4.Russian strike kills 25 as Kremlin moves to annex Ukraine regions

But even as it prepared to celebrate the incorporation into Russia of four occupied Ukrainian regions, in defiance of ...

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1.Gulf War

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2.UFO Report (U.S. Intelligence)

natural atmospheric phenomenon. A lack of data does not mean aliens are the likely answer." Research scientist in planetary studies at NASA's Goddard Space Report (U.S. Intelligence)