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1.When it comes to naming hurricanes, does 'I' stand for 'infamous'?

Hurricane names are selected from a pre-determined list. But many of the worst tropical storms have started with the same ...

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2.With Ian on its way, what other names might SC see for hurricane season 2022? Is yours on the list?

Hurricane Ian is getting stronger and headed toward Florida and then South Carolina. But what other storm names might we see ...

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3.Hurricane season gets weird: Fiona, Ian and climate change’s effects on the strongest storms

This year’s Atlantic Ocean hurricane season has had a distinct whiplash vibe. It started in May with predictions of an ...

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4.Cuba loses all electricity after Hurricane Ian knocks out power grid

Work is being done to gradually restore service to the country’s 11 million people after the country's entire power grid ...

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Wikipedia sayings about all hurricane names

1.Hurricane Fiona

affect Canada in 19 years. The sixth named storm, third hurricane and first major hurricane of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season, Fiona developed from a tropical Fiona

2.Hurricane Juan

parts of Atlantic Canada in late September 2003. Juan is also the first hurricane name and one of two to be requested to be retired by the Meteorological Service Juan