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1.Meet Lionel Dahmer, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad who is still alive today

Lionel Dahmer discovered his son, Jeffrey Dahmer, was a serial killer but where is he now? His character features in the ...

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2.Why Chazz In Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Looks So Familiar

The most recent true crime series about an infamous serial killer has just been released: "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey ...

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1.Ethan Phillips

as Maurice Utrillo in the premier of Dennis McIntyre's Modigliani, with Jeffrey DeMunn, at the Astor Place Theater. It ran for 208 performances. Phillips Phillips

2.List of comic and cartoon characters named after people

James Chadwick, who was nicknamed "Jimmy Neutron". Jeffy Dahmer, of The Ringer – Jeffery Dahmer the serial killer Jerom, of Suske en Wiske – Jeroom Verten of comic and cartoon characters named after people