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1.Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks future moon landing, climate crisis, new book

The astrophysicist tells "The View" about his book "Starry Messenger: Cosmic Perspectives on Civilization" and why he thinks ...

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2.We Spoke to Neil deGrasse Tyson About His ‘Cosmic Baptism’ and So Much More

It just so happens that Tyson was born into the universe the same week that NASA was founded. Pop Mech Deputy Editor Courtney ...

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3.Wiley Cash, Sandra Cisneros, Marc Palmieri and Neil deGrasse Tyson among 50 plus authors featured at Bookmarks’ 2022 Festival of Books & Authors

What: 17th Annual Festival of Books & Authors presented by Bookmarks. When: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Sept. 24. Where: Seven indoor and ...

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football player Neil deGrasse Tyson (born 1958), American astrophysicist Paul Tyson (1886–1950), American football coach Richard Tyson (born 1956), American

2.Iliza Shlesinger

Pixley. Shlesinger was comic co-host of StarTalk Radio Show with Neil DeGrasse Tyson for season 7, episode 12 titled Cosmic Queries: Galactic Grab Bag Shlesinger