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1.Why Did Christopher Scarver Kill Jeffery Dahmer? Where is He Now?

The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ follows the life and crimes of the infamous Milwaukee Cannibal. The series begins with his arrest, ...

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2.'Monster' Jeffrey Dahmer's Real-Life Murders—and How He Got Away With Them for So Long

Jeffrey Dahmer is the subject ... No one can ever really understand why Dahmer resorted to cannibalism, but theories abound.

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1.List of songs about or referencing serial killers

Boys" - Jeffree Star "The Ballad Of Jeffrey Dahmer" – Pinkard & Bowden "Things Get Worse" - Eminem Ft. B.o.B "Tom Dahmer Mixtape Freestyle" – Necro "Transformer" of songs about or referencing serial killers

2.Anne Heche

funnier". In 2017, Heche played a supporting role in My Friend Dahmer as the teenaged Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch)'s mentally ill mother, Joyce. She received Heche