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1.Apple Kernel Code Vulnerability Affected All Devices

In short, this overflow is written into memory that can contain other data or even executable code. With a buffer overflow ... This mitigation isn’t possible for watchOS and iOS devices.

From : Hackaday

2.How to protect your source code from attackers

But what about securing the source code itself, separate from the application? People often wrongly assume that, because source code is private, it is protected. But malicious actors ... used and ...

From : Techbeacon

3.Computer Viruses and Other Malicious Software: A Threat to the Internet Economy

The increasing dependence on the Internet and other communication networks, however, means the Internet has also become a popular and efficient way to spread computer viruses and other types of ...

From : OECD

4.Hack Your Brain: The McCollough Effect

There is a fascinating brain reaction known as the McCollough Effect which is like side-loading malicious code through your eyeballs. Although this looks and smells like an optical illusion ...

From : Hackaday

5.Code Dark: Children’s Hospital Strives to Minimize Impact of Hacks

We can reduce the blast radius of malicious code running rampant across our network ... s board to find ways to mitigate the long-term effects of cyberattacks, which have often taken healthcare ...

From : Wall Street Journal

6.What is malware?

Malware describes malicious applications or code that damage or disrupt the normal use of endpoint ... because this type of malware is designed to lay low and remain unnoticed for as long as possible.

From : Microsoft

7.Warning! These malicious Google Play Store apps can steal you blind; check list of apps with Trojan virus

Next, they hijacked the authentication data and sent it to malicious actors. Android users who have installed any of the above mentioned apps in their phone are advised to delete them as early as ...

From : Hindustan Times Tech

8.Warning! These malicious Google Play Store apps can steal you blind; check list of apps with Trojan virus

According to a report by Dr Web titled "Doctor Web's June 2022 review of virus activity on mobile devices" malicious apps remained ... Photo Editor - Filters Effects; Photo Filters & Effects ...

From : MSN

9.After Colonial Pipeline, Critical Infrastructure Operators Remain Blind to Cyber-Risks

The unprecedented ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline last year shows that critical infrastructure operators have ...

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10.Code of Ethics

Preamble: This code provides guiding principles of conduct for all members of the Ecological Society of America and all ecologists certified by the Society. It is the desire and purpose of the Society ...

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11.QR Codes – Modern & Easy Way to Store Data

Stay with us and learn the main types and styles of QR codes and how they work! The QR code is a modern and advanced version of the classic barcode, used since 1951. It was truly a revolutionary ...

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used in as wide a variety of situations as possible. Writing good shellcode can be as much an art as it is a science. In assembly code, the same function

2.The Matrix

popularized a visual effect known as "bullet time", in which the heightened perception of certain characters is represented by allowing the action within a shot Matrix