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1.Panda Express developed a robot wok

Panda Express. As employees are becoming harder to find, fast casual restaurants have been investing in more automation.

From : ZDNet

2.Europe’s Last Panda? New Discovery of Species Closely Related to Giant Panda

Fossilized teeth originally found in the 1970s actually belong to a new, sizeable close relative of the modern giant panda. A ...

From : SciTech Daily

3.New discovery of panda species which may have been Europe's last

Lumbering through the forested wetlands of Bulgaria around six million years ago, a new species of panda has been uncovered ...

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4.Panda Bear & Sonic Boom - Reset review: Retro, joyful psychedelia

Retro, joyful psychedelia - 4/5 The Spacemen 3 and Animal Collective musicians unite for an album full of magical nostalgia ...

From : MSN

5.Giant Prehistoric Panda Might Have Originated in Eastern Europe

A giant prehistoric panda lumbered through the forests and swamps of Eastern Europe 6 million years ago, according to new ...

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6.Europe's last known panda species discovered

A previously unknown species of giant panda that roamed Europe's wetlands 6 million years ago has been identified after the ...

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7.New panda fossils discovered, possibly last of its kind in Europe

Lumbering through the forested wetlands of Bulgaria around six million years ago, a new species of panda has been uncovered ...

From : Asian News International

8.Introducing The New Celegin Draken Chronograph — A Reverse-Panda Twist To The Swedish Brand’s Pilot’s Watch

Introducing the new Celegin Draken Chronograph ✓ The Swedish brand adds a reverse-panda twist to its pilot’s watch hand ✓ ...

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9.A day in the life of a panda caretaker: This adorable clip is winning the internet

If you are feeling bored, down and low, the best thing to way to get a shot of entertainment is by watching panda videos.

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10.How ‘Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight’ Expands a Nearly 15-Year Franchise

Voice actors Jack Black, Rita Ora and James Hong, alongside art director Ellen Jin and EPs Peter Hastings and Shaunt ...

From : The Hollywood Reporter

11.On 'Reset,' Panda Bear and Sonic Boom Map New Paths with Old Sounds

Noah Lennox (a.k.a. Panda Bear) has been known primarily for his work with experimental indie act Animal Collective, ...

From : Exclaim!

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1.Andrew Cherng

and chairman of Panda Restaurant Group, based in Rosemead, California. He is the co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Panda Express. The Cherngs Cherng

2.National Geographic Panda

raising their own panda with an educational spin on it. The player gets a set allowance each day to buy water, food and toys for their panda. "GamerDad: Gaming Geographic Panda