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1.‘Riverdale’ Season 6 Finale, Explained, and What It Means for Season 7

The 'Riverdale' Season 6 finale featured a shocking twist that set up a whole new era in season 7. Here's everything that ...

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2.If You Think You Can Guess What Happened In The Nutty ‘Riverdale’ Season Finale, Guess Again

I bailed on The CW’s Riverdale after season two, which is just when the show got good. And by “good,” I mean, it turned into ...

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3.How Riverdale’s Season 6 Finale Reboots the Entire Series

We look at how that shocking Riverdale finale twist brings Archie and company back to their comic book roots. “We should all ...

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4.Riverdale season 7 potential release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Riverdale spoilers follow. Ahead of Riverdale's recent cancellation, Cole Sprouse told GQ that he and the rest of the cast ...

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5.‘Riverdale’ Just Aired the Wildest TV Twist I've Ever Heard Of

There is nothing lazier and more boring than when a long-running show is in the news, and someone says in catty disbelief, ...

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6.Shoresy star returns to Canada to recover after being shot in L.A.

"I'm still processing a lot of what happened on July 4 and taking it really slow ... a fellow Canadian actor who plays ...

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7.Riverdale Season 6 Finale Recap: A Doomsday Disaster, a Marriage Proposal… and a New Beginning?

A whole lot went down in Riverdale‘s season finale as a deadly comet approached… and life for Archie and company will never ...

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8.Although It Sounds Impossible, Riverdale Just Got Significantly More Insane

If you watched last night’s Riverdale season six finale, I assume you’re still reeling from the madness that just ...

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9.'Riverdale' Showrunner on Season 6 Finale's Time Travel Twist, Final Season

Don’t worry, though… When Riverdale picks up in 2023 for its seventh and final season, the show you know and love still ...

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10.Riverdale Boss Teases a 'Euphoria in the 50s' Final Season After Season 6 Finale Twist

Riverdale has truly outdone itself with its Season 6 finale. If you wondering how they were going to top "alternate ...

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11.When Will 'Riverdale' Season 6 Be on Netflix?

Netflix subscribers who have been waiting for the full season to drop on the streamer before they begin watching will soon be ...

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12.Riverdale recap: Bailey's comet send Riverdale ... back in time?

However, before we talk about the end, let's dig into what went down in the Riverdale season 6 finale. We've got less than 18 ...

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1.Andy Cohen

Became Famous Enough To End Up On "Riverdale"". Refinery29. Retrieved June 27, 2018. Porter, Rick (November 13, 2013). "'Watch What Happens Live' host Andy Cohen

2.Skeet Ulrich

2017, he has starred as Forsythe Pendleton "F.P." Jones II on The CW's Riverdale. His other television roles include Johnston Jacob "Jake" Green Jr. in Ulrich