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1.'AGT' Season 17 Semi-Finals: Drake Milligan and Avery Dixon advance to top 2, fans feel 'disappointed'

Comedian Don McMillan who made it to the top three was eliminated on account of garnering fewer votes than Milligan and Dixon. Fans took to Twitter to call out how the voting results seemed unfair ...

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2.Will Drake Milligan win 'AGT' Season 17? Singer announces debut album after Simon Cowell calls him 'star'

Though 'AGT' fans rarely ever agree with the judges' views, in Drake's case, they sided with the judges in praising the country singer ...

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3.“Is That Her?” There’s More To This “Singer’s” AGT Audition Than Meets The Eye…

When Emily Bland graced the "America's Got Talent" stage, she rendered the judges speechless with her unique singing voice — ...

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4.'AGT' judges can't believe they put 'cheesy' singer through to the live shows

Ben Lapidus's "More Parmesan" was a hit on the Season 17 premiere, but this week, his cheesy shtick got moldy real fast.

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1.America's Got Talent: The Champions (season 1)

Children's Choir, The Clairvoyants, Cirque du Soleil, and Jackie Evancho "'AGT: The Champions' crowns sleight-of-hand artist Shin Lim: 'Such a fun run'"'s Got Talent: The Champions (season 1)


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