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1.Unsolved mystery that haunted Olivia Newton-John to the very end: Star 'never found peace' after her lover vanished at sea - despite eyewitness 'sightings' in …

Patrick McDermott, 48, went on an overnight fishing trip with 22 other people on June 30, 2005, but vanished before it ...

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2.Olivia Newton-John's ex-boyfriend, dead or alive? The Patrick McDermott fishing mystery

John's passing has left many people heartbroken and others wondering what ever happened to Patrick McDermott, her ...

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3.Olivia Newton-John bonded with ex-wife of her boyfriend Patrick McDermott who mysteriously vanished in 2005

Olivia Newton-John formed a friendship with Yvette Nipar, the ex-wife of her former boyfriend, Patrick McDermott, who ...

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4.'Sightings' of Olivia Newton-John's ex-partner amid claims he 'faked his own death'

Olivia Newton-John sadly passed away from breast cancer without ever truly knowing what had happened to Patrick McDemott, her ...

From : The Mirror

5.Patrick McDermott: Olivia Newton-John’s Missing Boyfriend

Patrick McDermott is a cameraman who went missing on a fishing trip while dating singing legend Olivia Newton-John.

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6.The mystery surrounding Olivia Newton-John’s ex Patrick McDermott, who vanished at sea

Tragedy struck the Australian star’s life when her on-off boyfriend of nine years mysteriously vanished on an overnight ...

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7.Olivia Newton-John shared final heartbreaking photo with husband John Easterling just three days before she passed away from cancer aged 73 - as Ho…

Olivia Newton-John shared one final heartbreaking image on Instagram on Friday just two three before she passed away from ...

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8.Olivia Newton-John ‘never found peace’ after ex mysteriously vanished on fishing trip amid claims he faked his own death

OLIVIA Newton-John admitted she was never able to “find peace” after her on-off boyfriend vanished mysteriously while at sea.

From : The Sun

9.Olivia Newton-John dies: Ex-boyfriend Patrick McDermott’s disappearance

It’s human to wonder, but … you have to accept and let go,” Newton-John said in a 2016 interview with 60 Minutes. In her 2018 ...

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10.The Truth About The Disappearance Of Olivia Newton-John's Ex Patrick Kim McDermott

Olivia Newton-John found lasting love with John Easterling, but she experienced a terrible loss when her ex Patrick Kim ...

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11.The mystery that broke Olivia Newton-John's heart: Boyfriend Patrick McDermott vanished at sea in 2005

Olivia Newton-John was on a promotional tour in Australia when Patrick McDermott vanished, and it took another week for his disappearance to be discovered ...

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12.Olivia Newton-John was 'never at peace' after ex mysteriously vanished

Dame Olivia Newton-John heartbreakingly "never found peace" after her ex mysteriously vanished on a fishing trip amid claims ...

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