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1.Making ‘Build Back Better’ better

Abraham Lincoln was right. You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time.

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2.Build back better

Colliers Philippines just concluded its property market presentation for the second quarter of 2022. Overall, we believe that ...

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3.Build Back Better is, in fact, back

After months of back and forth, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has found a version of Build Back Better he likes. On Wednesday, ...

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4.Democrats are taking what they can get on Build Back Better

Democrats — forced to consider an even narrower version of Build Back Better after Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) rejected climate ...

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5.Joe Manchin complained that he was 'ostracized' and 'victimized' after killing Biden's Build Back Better bill

The West Virginia Democrat maintained that he thought Build Back Better was a "bad bill for our economy." ...

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6.Heritage Action ad campaign presses vulnerable Democrats to oppose 'Build Back Better' agenda

Heritage Action is working to put pressure on vulnerable Democrats who may vote for a revised version of President Biden's ...

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7.Build Back Better

Is Manchin Considering Quitting the Democratic Party?The West Virginian wants to issue a credible threat to Democrats to increase his leverage in negotiations over Biden’s agenda.

From : New York Magazine

8.Build Back Better is better off dead

Build Back Better was a bad bill when the economy was stronger and even a scaled-down version is worse in our current economic environment. The original bill died because, with all Republican ...

From : The Hill

9.Manchin says Build Back Better is dead, announces deal on inflation

Build Back Better is dead, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said Wednesday, announcing that he has instead reached a deal with Senate ...

From : Denver Gazette

10.May Build Back Better Never Be Spoken Of Again

What we’re left with on the table isn’t great, but it is, and this is a low bar, a lot better than nothing. The drug price reform is narrow and pinched and limited mostly to seniors and it still saves ...

From : The American Prospect

11.Reporter's Notebook: Build Back Better budget fight returns, this time amid more inflation

At one point, members of the House Progressive Caucus threatened to withhold their support for a bipartisan infrastructure bill unless the House moved Build Back Better in tandem. That ...

From : Fox News

12.Forget Build Back Better — there's a new bill in town

NPR's Scott Simon talks with Sen. John Hickenlooper, a Democrat from Colorado, about the spending proposal his party announced this week that addresses health care and climate change.

From : Red River Radio

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1.Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Manchin (D-WV). The bill was the result of negotiations on the proposed Build Back Better Act, which had been reduced and comprehensively reworked from its Reduction Act of 2022

2.Stephanie Murphy

known as the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and in advancing the Build Back Better Act to the Senate. After months of deadlock when progressives refused Murphy