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1.The COVID state of emergency is ending in NC. What that means for the pandemic response

The end of the state of emergency does not mean the end of COVID-19 in North Carolina, with new cases and new variants still being reported. Cooper said Monday he feels comfortable lifting the ...

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2.Sri Lanka calls state of emergency as protesters storm PM’s office: What we know

An emergency ... does the economic crisis mean for residents? A few years ago Sri Lanka’s economy was growing strongly enough to provide jobs and financial security for most. It's now in a state ...

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3.Biden Might Declare Abortion Access a Public Health Emergency. What Does This Mean?

But what does it really mean if Biden ... under the laws of the state in which care is provided. If a PHE is declared, particularly under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (Prep ...

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4.The only exception to Missouri abortion ban is a ‘medical emergency.’ What does that mean?

Wade decision, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt swiftly signed the state’s abortion ... “except in cases of medical emergency.” But what does that really mean for patients in ...

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5.Abortion: What does overturn of Roe v Wade mean?

The US Supreme Court has opened the door for individual states to ban or severely restrict the ability for pregnant women to get abortions. In 1973, the court had ruled in Roe v Wade that pregnant ...

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6.What it would mean for Biden to declare a national climate emergency

In the wake of Sen. Joe Manchin’s announcement that he won’t vote for a bill addressing climate change unless inflation slows ...

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7.What Does Biden Abortion Executive Order Mean? Pills, State Bans Explained

Greer Donley, an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh Law School, told the medical news site MedPage Today that state abortion bans will include medication abortion, but "arguably a ...

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8.What Does "Cash Is King" Mean?

Meanwhile, having an ample emergency fund can sustain a household during an unexpected job loss or health crisis. Finally, investors will be happy to have some cash in their investment portfolios ...

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9.What does it mean? How Federal Reserve’s rate hikes affect your finances

Higher mortgage rates have sent home sales tumbling. Credit card rates have grown more burdensome, and so have auto loans. Savers are finally receiving yields that are actually visible, while crypto ...

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10.Pennsylvania's state budget is late. What does that mean?

Most Pennsylvania lawmakers were absent from the state Capitol on Tuesday ... Wealthy schools that have emergency funds or that rely more heavily on local property taxes would be able to withstand ...

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11.What does 'plead the Fifth' mean? Will the Trumps do it?

HMMMM. IF YOU INVOKE THE PROTECTION, DOES THAT WORK AGAINST YOU? Legally, it depends. In a criminal case, prosecutors can’t comment on a defendant’s refusal to testify, and a jury can’t be ...

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1.Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception (EC) is a birth control measure, used after sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy. There are different forms of EC. Emergency contraception

2.Independent state legislature theory

Constitution does not forbid a governor from vetoing a redistricting proposal passed by the state legislature. The modern revival of interest in ISL state legislature theory