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1.How to Get Tested for Monkeypox

Public health officials are urging people to get tested if they suspect they may have the rare disease, which is caused by ...

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2.How to get a monkeypox vaccine as UK cases rise

The most common way that people can get monkeypox is through close physical contact with monkeypox blisters or scabs. This ...

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3.Who can get the monkeypox vaccine in the UK and how to get the jab as cases grow?

Health officials have ordered more than 100,000 additional doses of the monkeypox vaccine, the UK Health Security Agency ...

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4.17,000 New NYC Monkeypox Vaccine Appointments Booked Within a Half Hour Friday Evening

New York City says its next monkeypox vaccine allocation, which includes nearly 26,000 doses, will become available starting ...

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5.Monkeypox vaccines are now available in Philadelphia; here's how to get an appointment

Eligibility is limited to people who have been exposed to the virus and others deemed at high risk of infection ...

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6.15,000 More Monkeypox Vaccines Are Coming To Chicago. Here’s Who Can Get Vaccinated And How To Stay Safe

Officials are trying to stem the spread of the virus, but cases been "increasing quite quickly" — and Chicago has been an ...

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7.What are the symptoms of monkeypox? How does it spread? What to know about the virus.

COVID-19 and monkeypox present different symptoms and spread at different ways and rates. In the case of monkeypox, there are ...

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8.How to prevent children from getting infected with monkeypox

While adults can receive the Jynneos vaccine, a vaccine for smallpox, for prevention, children are at higher risk of both ...

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9.Monkeypox vaccine coming to SC soon as US demand grows. Here’s when and how to get a dose

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control expects to get more doses of monkeypox vaccine this week.

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10.This Is How Many Monkeypox Vaccines Have Been Sent to Each State

The U.S. government expects to have nearly 7 million monkeypox vaccines by mid-2023—for now, only a fraction of that has been ...

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