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1.Explained: Homophobia now being tackled as a hate crime in football – this case shows how

Ayokunle Odedoyin was convicted of a homophobic hate crime. This incident speaks for a wider change in approach.

From : The Athletic

2.French public figures accuse new minister of homophobic comments

More than 100 French public figures have signed an open letter denouncing what they said were homophobic remarks by a ...

From : Euronews

3.How my homophobic dad became an LGBT+ ally

Then he exploded. I had never experienced his wrath like this before. He was extremely homophobic in his verbal abuse. I said I didn’t have to listen to him, and walked out. I didn’t visit my ...

From : The Independent

4.How often are homophobic assaults reported by straight men?

who have been assaulted in some sort of homophobic-based attack, I would urge them to include those details in any police reports so that police can be aware of these types of hate crimes.

From : The Georgia Straight

5.'Cowards' -- James Patrice says homophobic trolls are 'looking for an outlet for their own insecurity'

Influencer James Patrice has hit back at homophobic trolls and bullies who he says are purely 'looking for an outlet for ...

From : MSN

6.Jussie Smollett insists he is not 'a piece of s***', did not lie about homophobic attack, and says he refused to eat during the six and a half days he was in prison because he ...

Disgraced Empire actor Jussie Smollett stood by his claims of innocence and insisted he did not lie about his homophobic attack hoax. Addressing his highly publicized and controversial trial and ...

From : Daily Mail

7.Janelly Farias on how to get rid of the homophobic chant

it is homophobic, and it excludes people and soccer should be universal. Soccer should be inclusive. "I think a lot of people just go along with it because they just comply so that they can ...

From : Major League Soccer

8.Edinburgh crime news: Ukrainian refugee left sick and scared after reporting a homophobic attack in Newington area

Nick concluded: “I’m shocked. I’m scared. I’m worried. How can you be homophobic and live in a free Scotland? How can you attack LGBT+ people?” How to keep your dog cool in the heat ...

From : The Scotsman

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1.Corrective rape

Corrective rape, also called curative or homophobic rape, is a hate crime in which one or more people are raped because of their perceived sexual orientation rape

2.Conor Gallagher

player for Patrick Vieira". In the same month, Gallagher was subjected to homophobic chants from a group of Leeds United fans; the club issued a statement Gallagher