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Christina Bobb, who was identified as an attorney for former President Donald Trump, warned Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams that Republicans may "have rigged the elections in Georgia" in order ...


An 501(c)4 organization run by two One America News Network correspondents, one of whom worked with President Donald Trump’s legal team, supplied volunteers to the Arizona Senate’s “audit” of the 2020 Presidential election.. Voices and Votes paid $605,000 to the “audit” effort and was the first organization to begin raising funds for the Florida-based firm that would …


Pennsylvanians gathered over the weekend to support ‘America First’ policies. One America’s Christina Bobb has more. OAN Contribution. Schools …


January 31 2022 Bark Busters Dog Training Tips for 2022. January is officially National Train Your Dog Month but anytime is a good time to train your dog!


True the Vote attorney Christina Bobb joined One America News to talk about the evidence they will present to Arizona lawmakers about illicit ballot harvesting in 2020. Stella Escobedo has more.


Darcy Gray, a Master's student in Christina Grozinger's lab at Penn State (and herself a beekeeper) has produced an analysis of winter colony survival from previous survey data. Details on our Research page. PA State Apiary Inspection. The 2022 PA State Apiary Inspection season has begun. Find your local inspector by clicking on your county on ...


Conservative lawmakers on Capitol Hill told One America News that after two hearings sponsored by the January 6 panel, they have seen nothing new. One America's John Hines has more from Capitol Hill.

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1.Trump Lawyer Says He Will Be Reinstated as President if GOP Win Midterms

Christina Bobb, an attorney who has supported Donald Trump 's legal challenge to overturn the 2020 election, has suggested a ...

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2.Trump Pressures Vos to Overturn Election After Wisconsin Drop-Box Ruling

The ex-president called on Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Saturday to "reclaim the electors" in the state he ...

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3.Why is Kari Lake so afraid of a (legitimate) reporter asking questions at a debate?

Kari Lake doesn't want to take questions from an Arizona Republic reporter during the one-and-only televised debate of GOP ...

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4.Why is Kari Lake so afraid of a Republic reporter asking questions at a debate?

I guess I don’t blame her. Barchenger is no Christina Bobb. She doesn’t work for OAN or RSBN or even Fox (though I suppose Fox, too, has joined Lake’s ever-lengthening list of “enemy of ...

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5.OAN correspondents’ organization supplied volunteers for the Arizona “audit”

The organization’s CEO and president is OAN correspondent and personality Christina Bobb and the chief operating officer is OAN’s chief White House correspondent Chanel Rion. Both Rion and ...

From : Longview News-Journal

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