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Gastrointestinal Endoscopy publishes original, peer-reviewed articles on endoscopic procedures used in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of digestive diseases. Articles report on outcomes research, prospective studies, and controlled trials of new …


Media Backgrounder Endoscopic Procedures Colonoscopy: An examination of the inside of the colon, including the rectum, sigmoid colon, descending colon, transverse colon, ascending colon, and cecum (where the small bowel attaches to the large bowel), using an endoscope - a thin, lighted flexible tube inserted through the anus.More... Sigmoidoscopy: An examination of the inside of the rectum and ...


Drugs can cause diarrhea by several different mechanisms.8 Specific mechanisms of drug-induced diarrhea may include activation of specific receptors and transporters, alteration in colonic bacterial flora, changes in mesenteric blood flow, provocation of intestinal inflammation, and apoptotic enteropathy.9,10 Caffeine is an agent that may cause increased intestinal fluid secretion by elevating ...

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1.Travis Barker reportedly hospitalized with pancreatitis after a colonoscopy. Here's how that can happen, according to gastroenterologists.

Travis Barker developed pancreatitis after a colonoscopy, TMZ reported. Complications from the procedure are rare.

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2.Travis Barker's Pancreatitis Reportedly Caused By Colonoscopy—But Doctors Say It's 'Extremely Rare'

Colonoscopies remain essential for preventing colon cancer, diagnosing cancer and other diseases, and saving lives.

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3.Travis Barker reportedly hospitalized with pancreatitis after a colonoscopy. Gastroenterologists say it's extremely rare.

Travis Barker developed pancreatitis after a colonoscopy, TMZ reported. Complications from the procedure are rare.

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4.What is pancreatitis? Explaining Travis Barker’s ailment after colonoscopy

Travis Barker had fans concerned when he was rushed to hospital on Tuesday morning, later diagnosed with pancreatitis. The ...

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5.Travis Barker hospitalized for pancreatitis following colonoscopy: report

Barker was taken to a hospital near the Los Angeles home he shares with wife Kourtney Khardashian before he was transferred ...

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6.What is pancreatitis? Illness explored as Travis Barker is hospitalised

Travis Barker, 46, is currently in hospital. But what is pancreatitis, how is it caused and what are the common treatments ...

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7.Travis Barker Suffering from Pancreatitis Triggered by Colonoscopy; Remains Hospitalized with Kourtney Kardashian by His Side

Travis' doctors, according to TMZ, think that a recent colonoscopy 'triggered' his pancreatitis, an inflammation of the pancreas.

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8.Travis Barker hospitalized for pancreatitis after undergoing colonoscopy

American rapper and rock drummer Travis Barker was hospitalized on Tuesday due to pancreatitis, which medical professionals believe was brought on by a colonoscopy. According to Variety, multiple ...

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9.What Is Pancreatitis, and What Causes It?

Travis Barker was hospitalized yesterday, and today, reports are confirming that the Blink-182 drummer (and Kourtney ...

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10.Travis Barker hospitalized for pancreatitis triggered by colonoscopy: Report

Travis Barker was reportedly hospitalized for pancreatitis triggered by a colonoscopy. The Blink-182 drummer, 46, is still in ...

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11.Travis Barker hospitalised for pancreatitis

The reason behind 'Blink-182' drummer Travis Barker being admitted to a hospital following an "undisclosed" medical condition ...

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procedures may be necessary, such as a CT scan, upper endoscopy, colonoscopy, barium enema, or MRI. Abnormal GI motility can be assessed using specific tests

2.Crohn's disease

nonstricturing, nonpenetrating disease) causes inflammation without causing strictures or fistulae. A colonoscopy is the best test for making the diagnosis's disease