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The passenger missed a step in not demanding that the captain wear a mask. She could have freaked out, like a flight attendant on my flight last night who went berserk when a passenger lowered his mask to order a drink. Let’s get the mask issue out of the way. The captain is not required to wear a mask in the cockpit.


Compare the Tu-154 in terms of fuel consumption with competitors, it turns out that the consumption of the domestic aircraft is almost 1,5 times higher, all other things being equal ... so it turns out - domestic airlines changed aircraft as the resource was depleted (initially, the aircraft went for free) ... but there is after all, there are also other expenses, the author even …


In order to control the sea in the immediate vicinity of a helicopter carrier, say, within a radius of 35–50 km, at least one more helicopter is needed around the clock. In total, if we want to have a helicopter carrier capable of controlling significant water areas and at the same time providing our own anti-aircraft defense, then we need a ship for 18 helicopters.

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1.5 Effective Ways to Deal With Rudeness in the Workplace

Here, we present 5 effective ways to shield yourself from the toxic effects of rudeness through ... she behaved poorly and lashed out over things beyond my control. It took me months to understand ...

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2.Are you rude? Maybe you should think again

( Fed up with the rude behavior you experience day in and day out? Is it aggressive driving ... t take the bottle of cologne onto the plane because it was after the liquids restriction ...

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3.If You See Red When Faced With Rudeness, This Might Be Why

“We become confused about right and wrong. So, the resentment builds in our systems. In a family or culture that values control of emotion, we may also suppress our feelings in order to function in ...

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4.At least 14 people confirmed dead following plane crash in Nepal

The wreckage of a plane that went missing in Nepal’s mountains with 22 people on board has been found, officials confirmed.At least 14 people have been confirmed dead. There is no word on survivors as ...

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5.Azealia Banks lays out complaints about Miami Pride concert... after going off on promoters on stage

It turns out, Banks had a long list of complaints about the event, beginning with the time of year the LGBTQ music festival is held. 'Miami, we need to have a real discussion. Number one ...

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6.Becker's Hospital CEO Report

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7.Price of plane tickets to jump this summer, Wizz Air says

The price of a plane ticket might jump by close to 10% this summer as ... “Shortages of staff in air traffic control, security and other parts of the supply chain are impacting airlines, our employees ...

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8.Latest Business Travel News

In Skytrax's largest passenger survey, Singapore Airlines came out on top as the airline ... Police force has been brought in to control passengers storming grounded aircraft.

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9.Grind Your Welds With Pride, If That’s The Way You Do It

It turns out that some people prefer to see a picture ... As the operator I have control of a few factors such as the current setting on the welder, the size of the arc I draw, and the speed ...

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10.Becker's Physician Leadership E-Newsletter

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These will appear in approximately the same arrangement. Occasionally, numbered full page illustrations appeared out of order in the original. On p. 164, the composite illustration includes Figures ...

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Wikipedia sayings about rudeness on airplanes is out of control

1.History of United Airlines

Airlines was the creation of aviation pioneer William Boeing, who started out in the airplane business in 1916. His Boeing Airplane Company, as it was then of United Airlines

2.Dimension 4 – Docking Station

"Deja Vu" "Rude Love" "Cash Me Out" Encore "All Mine" "Hot Summer" (Japanese version) "Ending Page" f(x) Dimension 4 – Docking Station in Japan is the first 4 – Docking Station